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Seeing a GP at Headspace

Has anyone visited Headspace or knows of someone who has visited Headspace?


Re: Seeing a GP at Headspace

Hey coffeeandwords,

Welcome to Reach Out! Smiley Happy

Firstly, you should be very proud of taking the first steps to reach out for help - talking on eHeadspace is an amazing first step and making the decision to go into a Headspace clinic is even bigger! So well done! Smiley Happy

I am sorry, but I honestly don't know the answer to your question about what the deal is with Headspace clinics and being an international student. I would recommend maybe giving them a call and asking if you are concerned?

As for experience with Headspace - I haven't personally been to one (there are none around my area) but I know a few people who have and they all have very positive things to say!!! The counsellors and doctors are really understanding and helpful. Smiley Happy

I really hope your experience is as positive as the other ones I have heard about. Smiley Happy

Well done again for reaching out for help. It's so inspiring.

These factsheets might help if you are feeling nervous:
This is also a forum member's positive experience with Headspace which might help ease your nerves:
There are also HEAPS more personal stories on this forum: - so have a bit of a read and if you have any other specific questions feel free to ask. Smiley Happy

Good luck!!!


Re: Seeing a GP at Headspace

Hi coffeeandwords! Good on you for making your health a priority and having the courage to do in a new country! I can't see any reason why Headspace wouldn't treat you. You live in Australia, so you are entitled to use Australian services! I know that international students are not covered by Medicare but as long as you have a health fund that will take care of the payment, there is nothing holding you back. Go for it!


Re: Seeing a GP at Headspace

Hey there coffeeandwords - it's totally natural to feel nervous about seeing someone face to face for the first time. Try and remember that everyone at Headspace is there because they want to help people just like you and they do this sort of stuff every day. It's really great that you are getting a warm referral from eHeadspace too - you won't be starting from scratch...

I've tried to have a bit of a look for you on the Headspace website about not having a Medicare card and couldn't really find anything. Does your eHeadspace counselor know that you don't have one? If so then I'm sure they would have talked to you about it if it was going to be an issue. However, just to reassure yourself you could call your local centre and explain your situation. You can find your local headspace and their phone number here:

We'd love to hear how it all goes - please let us know. You never know, your experience might just help someone else reach out for the first time too...



Online Community Manager


Re: Seeing a GP at Headspace

Thanks for being so encouraging! Really made me feel a little less anxious. They've been really nice and helpful so far. The local centre just gave me a call to set up my first appointment.


Re: Seeing a GP at Headspace

I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling a bit more calm. Smiley Happy It's scary, but it's such a positive step. Smiley Happy

And don't worry - they won't think you are crazy!!!

Let us know if we can do anything else to calm your nerves before your appointment - if you have any specific concerns let us know! Smiley Happy