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Sexuality issues

Ugh hi, I'm confused_fox, I'm new here. I'm struggling with my sexuality and I was wondering if anyone could help me understand why I'm confused about my sexuality.... All I know is that I'm demi sexual and I think I might be bisexual but idk I'm so confused

Re: Sexuality issues

Hi @Confused_fox, welcome to the forums! Smiley Happy


Sexuality is weird huh..

It's okay not to know exactly which labels you identify with, it's actually a fairly normal thing in my experience.

Like personally I've got very little idea of what my sexuality is other than "gay-ish".


One thing I can suggest is having a bit of a look on these websites:


There are also quite a few others here who've been through similar things, so they might be able to help too. 


Re: Sexuality issues

Thank you for the information I'll have a look at them