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Short Sads

Hey everyone!

I reckon we are so good at supporting each other and this section of the forum is an absolute testament to that. A place where a lot of people reach out for help for the very first time ever and it's pretty awesome to see how great you all are at supporting people through that. 


Life isn't just full of big new tough things though. Things don't just get better as soon as we start out on our path to recovery, it's called a path for a reason, there's many steps! And sometimes we can stumble a bit and you know what, that's okay Smiley Happy


A couple of weeks ago I made a thread to celebrate our achievements together. And @tsnyder made an awesome one for us to talk about the new things we're exploring in the world too!  


This thread is kind of like the dark side of those threads - but it has a silver lining!


This is a place to let us know about something tough that you're going through and -this is the important bit- for us to support each other through those tough bits, to remember how to turn negatives into positives and to work on finding solutions together.


If you're feeling like you're stumbling a little or like you might fall, i want you to come here to let us know about it and to draw on the AMAZING support you folks give each other.


So post here with the smallest fear or what feels like the greatest failure and we will support you with everything we've got! 


It'll probably look like this: 




Re: Short Sads

First of all, @Ben-RO that is the best picture I have ever seen.

And to start it off... I just hit my brother constantly with a pillow.

Re: Short Sads

Uhoh, this is not a good thing i take it? What's up with this brother of yours that warrants a pillow Barage? Also i noticed over on TwittRO that you were not feeling great about KHL. What's up @N1ghtW1ng and how can we help? 

Re: Short Sads

@j95 i am replying to your comment in TwittRO over here cause i want to show you this thread Smiley Happy


The first thing i'm wondering is:

Can you get a medical certificate from your therapist? It seems to me like you have gone through a lot lately and that the stress of the assesment  and missing the support you get was an extra thing on a pile of many other stressulf things. We know that when things are intense the best thing you can do is give your self some time and space. I reckon you should have a chat about this and see if they can write up something for you. What do you think? 

Re: Short Sads

@Ben-RO I don't know. I need the night to think it over. My brain is being no help right now. But thank you and I still love that picture.

Re: Short Sads

I don't know if I'm allowed to ask him for one but I could try @Ben-RO
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Short Sads

PS. I'm not so stupid after all, even though I posted about being dumb so many times, it's not true, I just needed time to think and clear my head. I may be not very academic but I have street smarts 

//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Short Sads

Starting Tafe - I'm so stressed how this year is going to turn out.

And the voices have been bad this week. A bit over two month ago I started a new med that I thought got rid of them but because I've been so stressed they are getting to me again.
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A little less victim a little more victory
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Re: Short Sads

What is it about your course that has got you so stressed out, @redhead?

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Short Sads

hey @redhead

are there any things about tafe that you're looking forward to this year? any cool subjects or placements? hopefully once you get started it'll be less stressful as you settle in.

when you're stressed and the voices get bad, what's worked to help in the past? i know you're pretty good at self care!