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Should I?

I don’t feel safe anymore. I feel like sooner or later I’m going to end it all. I watched a series called “Don’t call me crazy” on Netflix and its about getting treatment and help in a mental health unit.

I have been thinking that since I feel so dangerous to myself I should voluntarily admit myself to a unit nearby. The closest unti only has 6 beds otherwise the next closest is Sydney (1hr45min drive) 


I am unsure how to get the help I need. I am too scared to talk over the phone for inquiries and I’m not sure how to run it by my parents or tell my counsellors or CAYMHS.... 


I’d really like to be put in a program because my thoughts are controlling me and I’m not going to last much longer. The voices I hear, the demons I see are just pushing me to the point where I can’t continue.

Re: Should I?

Hey @MidnightMoments, I am quite concerned about you saying that you don't feel safe anymore and can't continue. I understand that it must be really scary to imagine telling someone about all that you are experiencing, it sounds very overwhelming Smiley Sad But I do think that you really need to speak to someone who can help you through this Heart Are you at home at the moment? Is anybody there with you who could help you get to this unit nearby?





Re: Should I?

@MidnightMoments I'm going to shoot you through an email - can you check in the next few minutes?


Thanks for tagging me @Autumn23



Re: Should I?

I will be able to check my email now and yeah Im home @Autumn23 @TOM-RO

Re: Should I?

hi @MidnightMoments


i hope your safe today? and that your feeling abit better?

'i have had a good  experience with a psychiatric hospital stay, would you like me to tell you about it?

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Should I?

Hey @scared01 Yeah I think it would help hearing it from someone else

Re: Should I?

no problem @MidnightMoments


so ive had 2 hospital addmissions. and they were both really good.

i had to go through the ED system  though so it did take abit of waiting. but they performed a few tests on me including bloods and an ecg but that was to rule out anything.


i ended up staying in a short stay loccation within the hospital so its a 3 night stay not including weekends so mine was 6 days as i went in friday arvo when no pscyh team was around.


it was pretty much like a hospital where meals we brought in but only by the nurses. it was really strict with electronics, no electronics at all and all medications were put through to the nurses.

we had a tv and some games in there and were allowed to bring our own colouring in things in except a sharpener whihc had to be supervised under a nurses eye.


the nurses were avaliable 24/7 to speak to if you needed to and the psych team came around once a day for a chat and assessment to see if ready for home.

we were allowed to have visitors but they arent allowed to have electronics either but the hours were pretty much all day. the one i was in was 11am right through to 7pm


hmmm not quite sure what else you would like to know so will leave it there for now but feel free to ask any questions and ill do my best to give my experience on them.

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Should I?

Hi MidnightMoments, how are you feeling? I hope everything is getting better for you. Do you have any friends who you might want to hang out with or watch a fun movie together?

Re: Should I?

Hey @MidnightMoments thank you again for sharing. I'm guessing that's not easy to talk about. Hospitals can be a big help, they can work with you to get to a point where you can be safe and supported at home. 


Ultimately if you have a plan to end your life and you are unable to stay safe, then it's time to go to hospital. 


Thank you @scared01 for sharing your experience! I also encourage you to say hi over on the Sane forums if you want to talk to more people who have been dealing with those ongoing intense feelings. Sane knows a lot more about that sort of stuff although we'll keep doing our best to help out too! Here's the Sane forums in case you want to talk to them too. A fair few of our members have a chat on both Smiley Happy


I also have an idea. We have some people we work with at a place called Suicide Call Back Service or SCBS for short. If you wanted, i can set up a chat with them, so that you don't have to make the first contact. They can be there with you around this as well as helping you to decide about hospital. They might also be able to help you learn more about some other options like a Step Up Step Down program. If you did want to chat to them, they have a typey chatty thingy, not just phones. So you don't have to be on a phone if that's not something you're okay with.