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Re: So far 'help' hasn't helped and that's been hard

@basketofmonkeys I've had 3 sessions, but the 2nd session was me sitting there pretty much frozen for half an hour then leaving early. A couple of days later I had some thoughts about possible reasons why therapy (with anyone) hasn't helped so far.


This session tried something different. they spent the session trying to figure out if I'm neurodivergent and saying how that's not a bad thing, and ended with them saying to decide by my next appointment if I thought I was or wasn't and either way based on that there were ways to fix the problems.


I've got no idea and it all seems meaningless anyway and I'm pretty confident nothing can help and things will never be ok

Re: So far 'help' hasn't helped and that's been hard

@hellofriend Thanks for letting us know how your appointment went. It sounds like it was a tough one. Heart


It can take some time to develop a relationship with a particular therapist, and I'm pretty sure you mentioned previously that they were nice. It sounds like the idea of neurodivergence is somewhat overwhelming, is that correct? I have also struggled with being labelled with certain medical words by professionals. Something which I have found helpful is to remember that it's just something else that makes you unique, and that it's not your full identity. Does that make sense?


I completely understand that hopeless feeling of things not improving, but I would really strongly encourage you to keep persevering. The fact that you're seeking help is a really big step towards things becoming a bit better. We're always with you every step of the way. Heart


Is there anything you can do tonight for self care?

Re: So far 'help' hasn't helped and that's been hard

Thanks @mrmusic Smiley Happy last night I went on a preplanned date with my husband which involved watching spiderverse and eating nachos. I've just felt so fucking sad and empty and hopeless since the appointment it was hard to appreciate it though.


So many thoughts/feelings that it's hard to coherently express. Feel like they're destroying me though and like there's no hope for the future 

Re: So far 'help' hasn't helped and that's been hard

@hellofriend I'm glad to hear you went out with your husband for a date and movie! Smiley Happy It's okay that is was hard to appreciate because of the emotions from the appointment.

I can also relate to feeling a mix of emotions - sometimes quite negative ones, after seeing a psychologist/counsellor. For me, I know it's something that often happens and I think it's because the act of seeking help puts you in a vulnerable position with the professional and the appointment can also bring up some tough issues at times. So I usually make sure that I give myself time to feel those emotions and sit with them for a while and then when I'm feeling ready re-engage with life.

You mentioned that you have so many thoughts and feelings that it's hard to coherently express; I wonder if you have ever tried to journal them when they feel hard to coherently express? Sometimes writing things out - even if it's no coherent can help our brains and minds to understand them better. What do you think? Smiley Happy


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Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: So far 'help' hasn't helped and that's been hard

Thanks @Bee Heart I made a mind map about thoughts/feelings/questions on the matter which should make it easier to express things, not making them easier to sit with/ deal with though :/


Currently feeling pretty stressed and confused and overwhelmed and scared. My khl counselor said today that I probably have to have them do wrap around care with my face to face counselor to keep calling them, which sounds really stressful and daunting, and I don't even know if I'm going to keep seeing the face to face counselor much longer. So I guess that means I've probably gotta stop calling them, and I'm just really really struggling Smiley Sad

Re: So far 'help' hasn't helped and that's been hard

Hey there @hellofriend,


Mind-mapping your thoughts sounds like an interesting strategy, hopefully it does make it easier for you to express things Smiley Happy 


It's okay to feel stressed and confused about having to see your face to face counselor. In order to keep speaking with KHL, are they requiring that you see your face to face counselor often, is that right? Have you had a chance to speak to your face to face counselor yet about what's happening? 

Re: So far 'help' hasn't helped and that's been hard

@Jay-RO nah, they wanna talk about to my face to face counselor about me. No I haven't

Re: So far 'help' hasn't helped and that's been hard

@hellofriend ah so your KHL wants to speak to your face to face counselor in order for you to keep ringing them, is that right?
Do you think talking to your face to face or your KHL counselor about how you're feeling about the situation would be helpful? They may be able to provide more insights in what's going on and help you in continuing to seek support with them, what do you think?

Re: So far 'help' hasn't helped and that's been hard

@Jay-RO yeah that's right. I'm gonna talk to my khl counselor again about it in a couple of hours

Re: So far 'help' hasn't helped and that's been hard

That sounds like a good plan @hellofriend Smiley Happy Hopefully talking to your KHL counselor gives you some answers around this situation.

Dealing with having to possibly change counselors or no longer get support from a place can definitely be a stressful time. Is there any self-care or distractions that you can do today to help with the stressed feelings until you can speak to your counselor?