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Spotting and stopping racism

I want to start a bit of a conversation about racism after some of the stuff that @j95 experienced at work a little while ago.


What is an example of obvious: racism?


How can you stand up to it?


What about "hidden" or covert racism?


What can you do about it?


Re: Spotting and stopping racism

I know this isn't racism but it's similar and I've been meaning to talk about it. We were talking about world news and stuff, and one of my friends was being blatantly Islamophobic, and I was like;

'Dude, that's discrimination.'

'I know it's discrimination. I have every reason to be Islamophibic.'

Um. Dude. That's 24 percent of all humans you're treating differently just because of their religious beliefs.

This seems very unokay, and I'm not really sure what to say or how to deal with it...

Re: Spotting and stopping racism

I was just waiting to pick my brother up from work, he's just got a part time job and the security guard was closing up the shopping centre and this lady was waiting for somebody to finish work and was talking to the security guard about her job and he goes "do you get many indigenous kids there.... they're trouble you know, I see them coming I tell them to get out or I will call police, don't get me started on the families, shocking" and I was standing there like WHAT.
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Re: Spotting and stopping racism

100% agree @roseisnotaplant and unfortunately I'm hearing a lot of those kinds of views lately Smiley Sad


I just try to treat everyone I meet with equal kindness and hope that somehow that will balance out all the bad stuff other people do/say. I figure that every bit of kindness or support we can offer another person will make the world a better place  

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