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Stuck in a rut

I'm on holidays from uni at the moment and I just feel really sad. I'm not even sure why. There's just nothing to do and I feel really lonely. I'm going really stir-crazy being at home. Even when I see my friends I go back to being lonely soon after. This is just the worst. What can I do to make life meaningful again because right now I am seriously miserable.

Re: Stuck in a rut

Hey @leo-dicaprio 


Holidays can be a tough time for a lot of people. It's really easy to start feeling out of sorts, depressed and miserable.

It can be the change is shedule, not seeing friends enough or seeing family too much, all sorts of things.

This is a sheet on feeling isolated and lonely, which might help. There's also the games section here where you could spend some time entertaining yourself. Or head here and introduce yourself to everybody!


There's also the option of having a read through the Tough Times posts and seeing if you can contribute an experience you've had, some learning you've acquired, or even just being a friendly ear for someone to vent to.


Do these options sound like something that might relieve some of your feelings?

Re: Stuck in a rut

Hey @leo-dicaprio I totally understand that feeling when you have too much time to yourself, stir-crazy is a great way to describe it... I know how yuck it is to feel lonely so I'm glad we can chat about it here and work out some things that might help.


You said you wanted to find things that would help you find a bit more meaning in your life. Have you ever thought about volunteering? I know it can seem a bit daunting to get into but for me it has really helped me feel like I am a part of something important and its also helped me meet a lot of amazing and like minded people along the way. There are opportunities for a huge range of different volunteering positions - anything from spending time in nursing homes or hospitals to volunteering for museums and community theatres... There are opportunities in sports, the arts, the environment... the list goes on and on. Its definitely worth looking into! Check out this little vid  too its awesome.


Another option is to get involved in some community events/groups. I moved interstate and was finding it really tough to meet people so I started going to beginner dance classes. I also went to a  beginners meditation class once a week, that one was particularly helpful because the people were so lovely and happy and inviting and the energy was so damn good in that place, I couldnt help but feel a little better. Also their selection of free teas and biscuits helped alot too Smiley Wink


I know how tough it can be to get out of ruts but having a conversation about it (like you have done right here) is an awesome first step. Let me know what you think about some of the stuff I have suggested, and definitely keep hanging out with us on the forums because its really lovely to have you here Smiley Happy



Re: Stuck in a rut

Hey @leo-dicaprio
After uni I think a lot of people feel lonely and bored so you are definitely not alone in that. My friend is on holiday too and she just says how she feels like she is stuck and she wants to do something but just cant be bothered.

I think you need to find something that makes you feel less lonely, maybe exercising or reading a book. I find when I'm busy I feel at my happiest just because my mind is occupied.

What are your hobbies?
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Re: Stuck in a rut

Hi @leo-dicaprio 

Duing semesters there is always something to do with uni and the work load seems unbearable but once it's done we actually miss it which is funny. You should really use the holidays to reward yourself for the hard work you put in through the semester. Find time to do things you enjoy and keep yourself busy. Do you have a part time job? Alot of studuent find working during their time off beneficial and allows you to socalize whilst also making money.


I hope you enjoy your holidays and have some fun Smiley Happy 

Re: Stuck in a rut

I know exactly what you are going through! Its so hard to go from being really really busy to nothing... ! I have found it really good to plan one thing per day ... like going to the gym, baking something new, meeting up with someone, reading. But i know what you are going through i feel a quite done when I'm at home doing nothing!

Re: Stuck in a rut

Thank you so much guys Smiley Happy I got a second job and I'm trying to see friends more. Feeling a bit better. Thanks guys!!

Re: Stuck in a rut


hey awesome work!!!

 So glad you managed to fill your time!

Have you started to feel better?


Re: Stuck in a rut

That's awesome @leo-dicaprio 

Well done on the 2nd job! How are you going with managing to see your friends more?