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Suicidal tendencies from things that dont go away

just wanted to ask peoples opinions and thoughts on things that have made them suicidal because it wouldnt go away (nothing to triggering) . . . but like for me this weekend from friday til today I was so sick and I get sore tummy pains (often) the type you need hospital to get strong enough stuff to help it; and im over getting this amount of pain so often and also because its probably from things Im not meant to eat (I have intolerances to lactose, fructose, coeliac, chicken and seafoof) and so im also sick of not being able to eat the food I like and being so limited aswell as expensive. And so at least this weekend especially its tipped me on that suicidal edge cause Im just sick of it; so just wondering what other little things people might have experienced thats made them suicidal?

Re: Suicidal tendencies from things that dont go away

Aye @CasKat91 ,

Do you think maybe you should see a doc about these pains?
I'd also recommend you give KHL a quick talk about these feelings Smiley Happy 1800 55 1800

I used to get really stressed super fast over some quite small things like doing an Essay in English class or not being able to do something I really enjoy. Or chest pains which I've had for years (whiiiiichhh I should probably get checked lol) and I'd feel certain ways over it all. sometimes SH was my only way to cope but other times I came to my [online] friends for help.

Sorry that probably made no sense whatsoever, I'm really tired and cant sleep haha

Re: Suicidal tendencies from things that dont go away

I go to hospital to get better things to calm the pains down but when they do blood tests and stuffits usually normal I think mine can be my coeliac and food intolerance probably; its so hard and stressful. grrrr. Smiley Happy

Re: Suicidal tendencies from things that dont go away

Hey @CasKat91, thank you for talking with us about a bit of what you're going through. I have a few friends who are fructose and lactose intolerant and I get the sense from them that it can be really frustrating.


How are you feeling today? 

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Re: Suicidal tendencies from things that dont go away

im doing ok; its made my mental health fluxuate a bit at the moment also finding im getting ticked off mpre easier since the negative thoughts on sunday . . . trying to keep positive and get through it; see how things go Smiley Happy