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Suicidal thoughts on repeating school grade

I am in grade 10 in qld. I am kinda homeschooled, I do an online course which teachers are teaching. Like an online classroom. I have missed many many days due to serve depression and social phobia.
I have been informed I may have to repeat this year.
I can't emotionally cope with repeating this year. If I was to, I would defiantly get worse than I am now. I have made progress emotionally this year with therapy and doctors and to repeat I would loose all that progress and hit rock bottom again. Suicidal tendencies and self harm would very likely start up again. Is the school allowed to make me repeat if I have these emotional threats? Even if I get evidence from my doctor?

Re: Suicidal thoughts on repeating school grade

Hey, @gardengoat! Great to have you on the forums, though I'm sorry that you're having a hard time.


I was bushwalking Sat morn with my parents and the mother of a friend of my younger brother. She did her schooling in Czechoslovakia, attending a specialist Maths school cos it was closest to home. She hated Maths! But she was saying Sat that she was glad she attended the school she did. It has served her well since, she told us. You've missed a few days this year due to issues around your depression and social phobia? And been told you could have to repeat this year? Could it be better in the long run that you do repeat this year, do you think? That you master what you're doing now before you progress to the next level? I don't doubt your ability, buddy. It's just that you've missed a few days. Really, you wouldn't even be repeating! Cos you'd be seeing a lot of this stuff for the first time? Your teachers have an obligation to you that you get the same opportunities as every other student, gardengoat. They really wouldn't be doing you any favours allowing you to progress in circumstances where these opportunities weren't able to be accessed and made the most of in the same way as they were by other students.


We have a schedule and timetable in our heads that often pays no regard to what might be going on in our lives. It's bs. You go at your own pace. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes behind. The race is long and, in the end, is only with yourself...

Re: Suicidal thoughts on repeating school grade

Hi @gardengoat 


I'm really sorry to hear you're having such a tough time Smiley Sad


It sounds like you already have a good doc, but I also wanted to let you know there are some online and phone services you can use if you are having suicidal thoughts or self-harming.


Lifeline - 13 11 14


Suicide Callback Service - 1300 659 467

Online counselling



Take care of yourself!


Re: Suicidal thoughts on repeating school grade

How you travelling, @gardengoat? Any news?



Re: Suicidal thoughts on repeating school grade

Hi thanks for your opinions and help! Saw my doctor today and tried to work out what's the best route to go. Considering going back to a normal highschool (not homeschool) Thanks everyone for their help Smiley Very Happy

Re: Suicidal thoughts on repeating school grade

thanks heaps for letting us know how yr getting on! Sounds like a step in the right direction - stoked for you!!!

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