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Hey all I was just after some, advice and guidance and if any of you might no some great psychologist 


Re: Support

Hi @FE, welcome to the forums!


I can't really say without giving up where I live, and chances are you're on the other side of the country anyway..

But, there are a few places that might be good to look at.

This website lets you look up psychologists depending on where you live and what you need help with (it's how I found my current psychologist)

You could also go to a Headspace center, or ask your gp for a referral to a psychologist, they might be able to help you find someone good.

If you go to school or university, there may be a school psychologist who you can make an appointment with.


That's all I can think of at the moment sorry, but others might have some more ideas, and I'll let you know if I think of anything else. Good luck finding someone! 


Re: Support

hi @FE and welcome
would you like to share whats happening for you
tiny_leaf has shared a good link for find a psychologist for you as well
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Re: Support

Hey @FE, just wanted to check in. Have you had any luck finding a psychologist? Smiley Happy 

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