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Re: TW: Car crash stress

That sounds really stressful @Tiny_leaf, I am sorry to hear about what you and your family are going through. I hope that the 10 year old girl is doing okay too, that must have been quite scary. I can understand that you are feeling stressed as it sounds like the investigation, insurance, and extra doctors appointments would be a lot to go through. How has the pain been for you? Was your doctor able to support you with the migraines and pain that you have been experiencing?

Re: TW: Car crash stress

@Sophia-RO I hope so too..


The pain hasn't been great really...

The migraines hadn't started when I saw the doctor. I don't think it's anything serious, just stressed and injured neck muscles trying to hold up my head again (heads are freaking heavy. Idk how necks manage it)

My dog managed to smash his head right into my jaw. He's okay but it's set off all my neck and head muscles again, and now I have a sore jaw.

My legs are a lot better but my knee is still occasionally wobbling backwards still. (Yay for hypermobility.)


Slowly getting used to normal car noises and movements again. Car horns are freaking me out a bit. So are any sudden stops/ turns.


Hearing that the kid actually lost some teeth has gotten me a bit shaken though, I'd sort of been treating the whole thing like a stressful inconvenience but finding out there was some permanent damage kinda ruined that coping mechanism.

Re: TW: Car crash stress

Hi @Tiny_leaf 


Just wanted to check in on ya and see how you were holding up. It can be scary when you find out more and more details about the incident and it really sucks that it is affecting your coping mechanisms. I hope you continue your recovery both physically, mentally, and emotionally.


I'm not really sure what the recovery process is like after accidents like these, but do you go see a psychiatrist or a chiropractor or someone of that nature that could help you through the process of healing? 


Also, I hope your dog hasn't been too shaken up and that they recover with little complications. I know pets are also part of the family and it can be hard to see them not at 100%. 


Take care friend Robot Very Happy

Re: TW: Car crash stress

Hi @Anzelmo!


Just so you know, Leo (my puppy) has fully recovered. He was wearing a full harness and a doggy seatbelt, so his main problem was that none of the paramedics wanted to talk to him Smiley Tongue

He may have had some really minor whiplash but he recovered in like three days.


Haha I have no idea either. I'm just trying to deal with everything as it comes up.

Including my family's emotional fallout. Wow there's a LOT of that.

But yeah I'm seeing a chiropractor tomorrow so hopefully that'll help.

Re: TW: Car crash stress

Hey @Tiny_leaf 

Sounds like it's been a rollercoaster of emotions! I just want to check in and ask how you are today? And how's your family? 


I hope your visit to the chiropractor goes well tomorrow and that it helps you feel a little better Heart

Re: TW: Car crash stress

Hi @Tiny_leaf !


YAY! What an awesome name for a dog, poor Leo didn't get any pats from the paramedics but I'm sure he's the greatest boi ever. Glad to know you guys are okay. 


Also really good to hear that you're seeing a Chiro tomorrow, I know they can really help with muscle pain and an overall improvement in body movement. Hopefully you get something really good out of your appointment. 


Keep us posted if you want to share any big updates! Robot Very Happy

Re: TW: Car crash stress

Well between an abusive brother, a headache plus my mom's attempt at "managing" my weight (bringing back l heaps of anxiety around food that I've been fighting off for years) I'm having a terrible day.

Re: TW: Car crash stress

Hey @Tiny_leaf

I'm sorry to hear you were in a car crash! That must have been so scary and it makes sense that it's taking time to recover mentally and physically from what happened. I'm glad to hear that everyone was mostly okay and it's so understandable to be a kinda mad at the driver who caused the crash. I'm sorry your brother is being abusive towards you Smiley Sad Is there anything we can do to help? Is there anywhere you could go to avoid him? I'm sorry your mum is being really hurtful and triggering towards you on top of that. Is the headache still the one from the crash? Smiley Sad

On a side note I have to look up what a dog seat belt is now hahah Smiley Tongue

Re: TW: Car crash stress

Hi @Tiny_leaf 


That sucks to hear that you haven't been having the best of time on top of the incident and trying to recover. I hope you are doing better since then, I just wanted to check in to see how you were? 

Are you safe at home, and do you have a comfortable space there where you don't feel as much stress? (e.g. going to your room when overwhelmed)


Keep being strong and getting through this friend Robot Happy



Re: TW: Car crash stress

Hey @Tiny_leaf 


I'm so sorry you didn't have a good day Smiley Sad

It can be really hard to hear those things and have someone try manage your weight when you've been trying to hard to be rid of that anxiety so that you can feel better. Have you had a chat to professionals about your anxieties and your brother?


On another note though-  how was your weekend? Any better than last weekend? Heart