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Re: TW: Car crash stress

Sorry for not replying for a while...


In terms of the car crash, my whiplash is almost completely gone and my leg's feeling better. A lot of the stress from it is gone. 

I've heard more about/ from the family in the other car, the kid didn't lose his teeth (just chipped them) but he did break his arm. The rest of their family are doing okay.

The woman who hit us both is probably going to be in a lot of trouble, especially since the kid was injured like he was. The police are looking into it at the moment, but it's pretty clear they know she's at fault.

We'll get our car back some time in the new year, it's going to need a careful check and some new parts ordered in.

I've finally gotten to a point where the car I'm in can stop/ turn suddenly without me internally panicking.

I'm a bit worse off mentally and physically than I was before the crash, I think it just shook up a lot of stuff in my life. Mostly metaphorically.

I'm lucky that I came out of it so well though, it could've been a lot worse.


My weekend's been okay, and I've finished school now finally.

Re: TW: Car crash stress

It sounds like you have been dealing with a lot @Tiny_leaf, so no stress about the slow replies! Heart I am glad that a lot of the stress has gone away now, it must have been so awful. Car accidents in particular are pretty unnerving and scary, plus it seems like it was a pretty serious car accident, so it is understandable that you are left feeling worse off than before. It is also good to hear that the police are looking into it and that the mechanics are going to check your car carefully.

Congrats on finishing school! Do you have any plans for the holidays?

Re: TW: Car crash stress


We've got our car back. The one we were in the crash with. Going to a family picnic. Like we were before the crash. Everything feels just a bit too familiar and I'm not enjoying it. At all.

Re: TW: Car crash stress

Hey @Tiny_leaf I can see how that would be stressful. I'm hoping you got to your destination safely. How did you cope with the rest of the drive?

Re: TW: Car crash stress

I'm back safely. Yay!!! Hopefully this'll help my brain be calmer next time.


I don't think we'll be doing much over the holidays.


My parents recently saw and had to help out in another crash. No one was killed but because there was a motorbike involved it could've easily been worse.


Apparently everyone wasn't doing that much driving due to the whole pandemic thing, and now not only is everyone back on the road, they're also stressed because of Christmas.

So like... Please drive carefully everyone. 

Re: TW: Car crash stress

That sounds like such a scary experience @Tiny_leaf. Smiley Sad I'm so glad that no one was seriously hurt. Your injuries sound so painful and I do feel sorry for the kid though. I think it's understandable that you would feel shook up when you're in a car. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Heart
I also hope that the investigation goes okay and that you can have a great Christmas and New Year's celebration despite everything that's happened. Heart

Re: TW: Car crash stress

Thanks @WheresMySquishy 


I think the investigation's finished now, or at least we don't have to do anything else.

My whiplash is nearly gone though!

But during the family picnic I gave myself heat exhaustion so now I'm recovering from that.