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TW: Catastrophizing

I play Rugby Union, and I’m extremely anxious and worried about getting a severe spinal injury resulting in quadriplegia or paraplegia from playing rugby union and I’m also extremely anxious and worried about fracturing my skull and getting a severe bleed on the brain resulting in a severe brain injury and possibly death


What are some strategies I can use to stop my anxiety over getting a severe head injury and/or a severe spinal injury from playing my rugby union


and what are some strategies I can use to stop worrying and catastrophizing about getting a severe head injury and/or a severe spinal injury from playing rugby union?

Re: TW: Catastrophizing

Hey @JonoG this sounds like a real irritation, I can imagine you just want to feel at ease and focus on the game. Are these all things that you've potentially googled that could happen, or have you seen someone in the sport suffer one of these injuries?

Do you have a counsellor you could speak to about this? Some of these anxieties definitely require a tailored and professional support. It will help you feel at ease around the reality of these outcomes. In terms of strategies, mindfulness and meditation is usually really positive for any form of anxiety. The headspace app particularly or Smiling Mind. I will tag some other members too for their input Smiley Happy


KHL can also chat with you, they work with 14-25 y/os and have a tonne of experience with anxiety.


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Re: TW: Catastrophizing

Heya @JonoG,


I agree with @Bree-RO that it's probably best to chat to a professional about these worries, if you're feeling up for it Heart in the meantime though, I also wanted to point out these health anxiety self-help resources which may also be useful Smiley Happy

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Re: TW: Catastrophizing

Hey @JonoG it must be hard to focus on the game with all these worries in your head! 


A technique I sometimes use when I'm worrying about something is called 'being a fact detective.' Think about the facts - think about all the times you've played rugby and NOT been hurt, or about all the games where everything goes really well and the players stay healthy! 


I agree that kids helpline could be a good resource; I've spoken to them before and they're very friendly and knowledgable Smiley Happy 


Re: TW: Catastrophizing

Thank you

Re: TW: Catastrophizing

Thank you