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TW: Coping mechanisms

Hi! I'm new to forum's. My friend @litgym actually recommended it to me and it appears to be a super supportive place.


At the moment, I'm trying to fight some urges and I would like some ways I can actively fight them instead of using my go-to which is distraction. I have spoken to kids helpline this evening but I feel hearing some ideas from you lovely people would be wonderful Smiley Happy

Re: TW: Coping mechanisms

hey gorgeous! @IsabellasRecovery


honestly urges are so hard !! many of the community like @gina-RO say ride the wave which is easier said than done ! have you made a self-love playlist ? the beautiful @Bee has a thread over here of self-love songs Smiley Happy 


im going to tag some of the community who can give you some lovely advice and support Heart

@scared01 @annabethxchase @DruidChild @Bee  @letitgo @lokifish @Jess1-RO @gina-RO

Re: TW: Coping mechanisms

hello and welcome @IsabellasRecovery

well done for reaching out for support. Smiley Happy Heart


ive found 2 threads here that i think would be helpful. it might take a little bit to get through but there are sooo many ideas on ways to cope


1000001 coping strategies

got a good coping strategy? share it here

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: TW: Coping mechanisms

Hey @IsabellasRecovery, thank you for reaching out to us at RO! Smiley Happy Thank you for the tag @litgym, sounds like you’re being a very caring friend Heart


@IsabellasRecovery have you ever thought about making a self care box? I made mine recently and it’s been great. I keep distractions in there, like tangles and crystals and a notebook and bubbles, as well as soothing things like tea bags, and also pieces of paper with reasons not to give in to the urges or inspirational quotes. 


Other things that I use are: holding ice in my hands; having a simple go-to video game to play (I like animal crossing!); taking myself to a place where I can’t act on the urges, like a library or cafe; or writing and making art about how I feel. 


Good luck with your recovery journey...we are here to listen Heart


Re: TW: Coping mechanisms

@DruidChildThanks! I’ve actually started making one! I have a couple things like tangles, bouncy putty and notebook. My counsellor at KHL had suggested it to me. I like to play games on my phone too. 


The idea of going someplace place where I cannot hurt myself is one I am yet to try so thank you for all these wonderful suggestions <3

Re: TW: Coping mechanisms

@scared01 Thanks! I’ll check them out now Smiley Happy

Re: TW: Coping mechanisms

That sounds great @IsabellasRecoverySmiley Very Happy And you’re welcome. I’m sure the suggestions will keep coming in over the next few days as more people see this post, too! 

I just wanted to check, do you feel like you’re safe from harming yourself tonight? 

Re: TW: Coping mechanisms

@DruidChild I have urges but do not think I will act on them. Going to start a book I’ve been meaning to read tonight. I know who to reach out to (KHL, parents) and ask for help if I feel completely unsafe though Smiley Happy

Re: TW: Coping mechanisms

Thanks for letting us know @IsabellasRecovery, I am glad to hear you’re not going to act on the urges and that you can reach out for help if needed. Enjoy your new book! Smiley Happy

Re: TW: Coping mechanisms

your welcome, i really hope you find something in those threads @isabellasrecovery
also m glad you not going to act on those urges but rather read a book. i love books too, weve got a books thread too and your most welcome to join in there too if you like
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**