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TW: Help for a friend

Edit: Sorry everyone I've removed this because I don't want Skie to be able to find it. Thank you staff very much for the help, it's much appreciated, and the problem did get solved Smiley Happy

Re: TW: Help for a friend

Hey @OLDtimer, I think you nailed it on the head yourself when you said "Basically Elson is a pedophile. No other way to put it really. I have proof he is sending her exposing pictures of himself too. This guy is top notch on his personal information so there's no chance I can do anything on that. Nor am I willing to blackmail him in any way with the pictures.". 


As sucky as it is, this fact in itself definitely trumps well and above people being demoted from their online status etc. I know it sucks and it's complicated, but I really want to advise you contact local authorities. There's ways this can happen even if everything is online and info is limited. Just want to clarify first if this is a global online platform or just here in Aus?

Re: TW: Help for a friend

Yeah I thought of that but Sarah lives in the US and so does Elson. I live in Australia. I've been to the police before about something else and there really isn't anything they can do.


Discord is not the same protocol as Skype, so messages go through Discords servers before it goes to the user. So it would be impossible for me or police to get an IP address or even a general location. Plus it doesn't help that the Discord server basically consists of all programmers. 


So yes it's global.

Re: TW: Help for a friend

Hey @OLDtimer definitely going to reccommend getting in touch with the emergency services in the USA. This is quite serious as it is a criminal offence, quite likely in many states in the USA. Is there a server provider you can also report this issue to? Perhaps even flag it with Skype?

Here's a Dept in the USA you could get in touch with [click here]. How are you feeling at the moment? This sounds super confusing, I am sorry you've had to sit with this complicated situation. 

Re: TW: Help for a friend

Thanks so much for this! Looking in to that site now and yeah now you mention it, I will try to report this to Discord staff. They've been a little unresponsive in the past though 


Just wondering about the ripple effects of this though. If I report Elson, he can make another account, tell Drake and Sarah that someone snitched on him. Sarah only really trusts me with that stuff and will know I was the one to report it. Elson will know it was either her or me and there could be some bad consequences to this.. 


Also when it comes to filing a complaint on the site, they require some stuff which I can't really get easily. 

  • Victim's name, address, telephone, and email
  • Financial transaction information (e.g., account information, transaction date and amount, who received the money)
  • Subject's name, address, telephone, email, website, and IP address
  • Specific details on how you were victimized
  • Email header(s)


Re: TW: Help for a friend

Hey @OLDtimer, I did a little bit of investigating and found a Discord FAQ page that has a direct email address for reporting abuse and how to get those details you need for the report. They specifically reference explicit underage material, so it sounds like they'll take this pretty seriously - as well they should. 


Doing the right thing is rarely the easy thing, but it's really cool that you're making a stand for your friend. It sounds like there are a couple of dodgy people in your group. I don't know much about how Discord works, but could you start your own server and just invite all the good people over? 

Re: TW: Help for a friend

Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated.


I managed to stay out of it and he's been stopped at the same time from contacting Sarah any more.

It was a bit messed up but yeah it's solved now. Thanks heaps Smiley Happy


Re: TW: Help for a friend

Really glad to hear that @OLDtimer, thanks for letting us know! Hope you can pop back in and visit us sometimes, like the old days Smiley Happy