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TW: Idk

I want to run away from home I hate my family I’m scared of all of them. Being at home is so stressful. Self-harming is the only thing that makes it better I don’t want to deal with this anymore but because of my Christian beliefs I don’t want to suicide. There’s not rly much else that can help because telling people things will just get the police involved. The hardest thing is not being able to get help because if I tell anyone what’s going on at home they’ll take it to authorities 

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Hi @Drake123455ggg,

I'm really sorry to hear that being in your home has been so difficult for you. Looking back through some of your recent posts, it seems like this has been something you have been experiencing for a while. It's very brave to talk about feeling unsafe at home and we are here to support you through thisHeart


Is there anyone in your life that is aware of what is happening at home like a friend, teacher, health professional?


We care about you, and your safety is really important to us. Are you able to keep yourself safe at the moment? If you are having thoughts of suicide, speaking to the Suicide call back service can help to talk you through what you are feeling and provide immediate support. 


I can understand that talking to someone about how you are feeling can be really scary, particularly when there are potential legal concerns. There are some services you can talk to where you can get support and stay anonymous:

1. Kids Helpline: you can chose to stay anonymous during the call

2. eheadspace: you can register and talk to a professional online or over the phone without having to give your name


We want to keep you safe and if you feel you are in danger of harm, including from other people, I strongly encourage you to speak to someone you trust about what is happening. We are here for you and want to see you get the support you deserve Heart

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Thank you so much for your reply My ex boyfriend knows about a few things about my dad hurting me but we don’t talk anymore and he sorta hates me now. I’ve tried using the kids help like chat but they just ask me a lot of questions like an interrogation and don’t really help. I may try eheadspace but I can’t call someone without my family hearing 

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Thank you for letting me know that over-the-phone support isn't helpful for you right now, that's completely understandable. Sounds like maybe trying e-headspace and using their online platform for professional support is a good option at the moment. Do you feel comfortable talking to them about your home and family experiences? 


Is there anyone else you trust to talk to about what is happening for you?


We have just sent you an email too Heart

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@Drake123455ggg just checking in to see if you got a chance to try e-headspace today?

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Hey @Drake123455ggg how are you feeling now?