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Re: My dad's an alcoholic and I don't know what to do

@YellowButtercup  I know it's up to your dad to change his behaviour, but well done for making him aware of how it's affecting you and how you feel about it. That was a really courageous step. Heart I'm glad that you and your mum are supporting each other and that you have a wonderful support network. Smiley Happy
It must be so hard dealing with your dad's use of alcohol and your brother's issues. I agree with you having to look after yourself before you get involved in trying to get your family members help, especially if they are reluctant to change their behaviour or accept any outside assistance. I personally find that helpful when caring for my own family members.
We have another article here about what to do if someone doesn't want help. It is written in the context of a friendship but could apply to a family relationship too.

I really hope that things improve and that your father and brother can get the help they need. Heart


Re: My dad's an alcoholic and I don't know what to do

Hey @YellowButtercup 


I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself to you. Thank you for sharing what has been happening for you and your family here with us Heart 


There has been some really lovely comments here and I just wanted to echo what others have said already. It was very brave of you to share your thoughts and feelings about this situation with your Dad. 


I hope the articles that @WheresMySquishy shared are helpful as well Heart