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(TW) i need help


I have lots of personal problems in my life 

I get very anxious when meet new people and I have trouble making friends and keep a job so many people have give up on me because of my quietness   

I feel very intimate by people around me I get very nervous and depressed. There are days where I feel more comfortable at home with family instead going out to the world.

I also have learning difficulties so I find it hard to study and I become very stress by it.

I have feel very lonely in my life and i feel that need attention for boys that I don't very well I worried I myself into some think Im not comfortable with and I don't I'm ready for to be a long term relationship i have also been sexually assaulted online in the past and my heart is broken for past relationship i don't know how to be single and happy with myself and not feel lonely i feel that i need to find someone to help me be happy again 

what should  I do?


Re: i need help

Hi @bryana, welcome to the forums! Smiley Happy Thanks for sharing your story, it can take a lot of courage to reach out

It sounds like there's been a lot going on for you hey Smiley Sad I'm sorry you struggle so much with social situations and studying, it must be really tiring managing that level of anxiety. I'm sorry you've had such a horrible experience in the past, it's no wonder you're worried about getting into a relationship

It sounds like you want to be able to be happy with yourself and not feel as alone? Has anything helped with this sense of isolation in the past?

Just letting you know I moved your post to another part of the forums and added a trigger warning Smiley Happy

Re: i need help



No not really I feel that I need someone to feel my life with 

Re: i need help

I wonder if you have any supports at the moment @bryana?

I know that when I struggle with loneliness, self-compassion and talking to others have helped me. I wonder if this is something you feel would be helpful?

I hope you find the forums supportive and they help with that feeling of loneliness, I know they have for me! Smiley Happy

Re: i need help

I don't have any support at the moment I'm struggling with life 


Re: i need help

I am so sorry to hear that you are really struggling at the moment @bryana Heart Having no support must make things so much more lonely and isolating. Just so you know, I have sent you through another email.

Re: i need help

I'm sorry to hear you have no support at the moment Smiley Sad As Taylor-RO said, that must feel so isolating. We're here for you as a support if you want to chat Heart

What do you think would be helpful to focus on right now?

Re: i need help

I'm hoping to get some counselling through these Tough times.

would you recommend any think else 

Re: i need help

That's awesome you've decided you want to reach out for help @bryana Smiley Happy


In terms of recommendations, did you want links to services that could help? Or some more coping strategies? I don't want to spam you with links that could help, I've been known to do that haha Smiley Tongue


But I'll link you one resource I found helpful: coping with stress and anxiety during covid 

Re: (TW) i need help

Hi @bryana, I am sorry for your struggling and I can totally understand because I also have social anxiety particularly when meeting new people and speaking in the public. And you mentioned that you are more comfortable to stay at home, so I am thinking whether it is because you are an introverted person and you need time by yourself to replenish energy. If that's the case, I think you don't need to push yourself to be a social person because that's the personality, and you will gain more stress if you push yourself. Although it might be hard to make friends without pushing yourself to be social, but eventually you will have a friend that is similar with you and can understand you more (like people who loves to go to party might be extroverted and social, you may find that it is tired for you to interact with those friends).