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Re: i need help

hi @bryana welcome! thank you for sharing your story very courageous.  I hope everything has been going a bit better for you these past couple of days. a tip that I always found to be helpful is to find one thing in each day that was a positive something you were grateful for. it can be extremely small or something huge that your grateful for. such as I'm thankful that I had a nice breakfast this morning. Then slowly when your ready start being thankful for two things each day then three and so on. let me know if this helps. makes me remember that there are still positives in life even when everything seems terrible.   

Re: (TW) i need help

I totally understand you, I feel it very often and don't know how get over it until the end. But I found one way - the art. I express my emotions through art. I immerse myself in a state and do not allow emotions to linger in me. Listen to music and create. This opened up new friends for me, although loneliness covers me at times. But I found a sense, a hideout, and I learn to enjoy my lonely periods.