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TW: just a rough couple of weeks

hey everyone, 

i haven't been on reachout for the last 8 months, i've been so busy, but now im coming back with a problem. 

i started year 11 a couple of weeks ago and it's been great, i've been having a great time with friends and our musical, and i feel like now i truly belong at school. 

but then a couple of weeks ago (i will not mention their names because it may be disrespectful - but it's been all over the news), some girls and a boy were k*lled in a car runover. two of the girls went to my school, and the boy at the school next door, and its been a terribly tragic couple of weeks. 

i know exactly how it feels to lose children so young, i lost a friend when i was 12 due to another accident, and i've been struggling to come to terms with that for years. 

i am only just starting to get back on my feet after the last few weeks. i've cried countless tears and i feel scarred. 

i want to feel happy and less stressed again. i'm trying but i think i need some advice. 

thanks everyone Smiley Happy



Re: TW: just a rough couple of weeks

Hi @blobby 


Welcome back! I am really sorry to hear about the recent tragedies you have been facing. Losing people that you know can be so hard. It makes perfect sense that you have been feeling upset. The biggest thing I have learnt from losing people in my life is that everyone is unique in how they deal with loss and that goes for how long it may take, the most important things is to be kind to yourself. I know you asked for some advice and I am sure there will be others who have been through hard times when losing someone they know. 


Although things are hard right now it was great to hear that things had improved at school.


Re: TW: just a rough couple of weeks

thanks so much @Claire-RO 

i'm feeling much better and in control this afternoon Smiley Happy

i don't have homework today so i've taken some time for myself, just checking my phone and watching some tv shows (there is so much tea on riverdale i don't even know where to begin!)

i'm so glad there are so many people on here that care so much for others. it's so nice to come back to such a welcoming environment!

i noticed that there's also some helpful threads as well on here, so I'll check those out.

thanks so much again!

blobby <3


Re: TW: just a rough couple of weeks

Hi @blobby,


Welcome back! 

Good on you for taking some time out for some self care yesterday afternoon! Time to recharge and invest in your wellbeing is so important, particularly when going through stressful times Heart 


So glad to hear you have had a look on the forums to find some threads that have started in the last few months that you think could be helpful. Are there any key topics you are interested in reading and hearing from others about?


Really lovely to see you around- we are here if and when you need to chat Heart


Check out our community activities calendar here

Re: TW: just a rough couple of weeks

Hi @blobby! Welcome back to the forums!
That sounds so tough. Smiley Sad Even if you didn't know the people involved directly, hearing the news and feeling the sombre atmosphere at school can still be incredibly affecting.
I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend too. I can totally understand you still struggling to come to terms with it. Three of my classmates passed away when I was in school. They all died of cancer, so it was more expected and a different situation from yours, but I still think of them from time to time. Sometimes, I look up their families online, just to see how they're doing.

Does your school have any resources on loss and grief that you could request? Are counsellors available for your school community?