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Re: TW life seems too hard

@Bananatime04  Okay, so from my experience, this is how to not starve after getting braces/ other metal things on your teeth:


Soup is your friend. So are smoothies. Your face is going to hurt for a little while. Don't try to rush yourself onto solid food (believe me you'll regret that...). Tinned soup that can be microwaved is very useful. Get a few tins of your favorites, because you'll probably be eating a lot of it. Hot chocolate is also good.

Brush your teeth very gently with a soft children's tooth brush. Also try using mouthwash if you can.


Once you're ready, move onto very, very soft food. Well cooked pasta is pretty good, so is bread that has been dipped in soup. Jelly and soft ice cream also go here. If the food can be mushed against the roof of your mouth without using your teeth, it falls into this category. Eating this will be a little sensitive, but if you get bad pain go back to soup for a bit.


After a bit you can go on to food that needs to be chewed gently. Soft/ tinned fruit, hot chips and foods with a similar amount of hardness go here.


Slowly reintroduce yourself to normal food. Start with softer food, move onto harder food.

Do not move onto food that is completely hard. There will be a time when you can eat chips and nuts again. This is not that time.


I had to wait somewhere between 6 months and a year before I could eat nuts and similar foods. You'll probably have to go for a fair while without eating them. I know for me I thought I might never get to eat them again. You will be able to go back to them, but it may take a while.


Re: TW life seems too hard

Oh I completely forgot about that! I was supposed to do that like last week or the week before! I’m so sorry.. idk what to call it because I have a lot of problems and I won’t be just talking about one thing.. can you help me @Jess1-RO?

Re: TW life seems too hard

Thank you so much @Tiny_leaf! This is so helpful! I hope you don’t mind but I saved it in my notes on my phone so I can find it easier and use it more..

Re: TW life seems too hard

Sure thing @Bananatime04


Today you have been talking about coping with pain, so maybe you could call it something related to that?


You can always go back in and edit or change your post or title after as well Smiley Happy You can make a new topic using the link here. I'm going to be around for another half hour, so let me know if you need a hand in that time Smiley Happy After the post you made today about netflix which was awesome, you got this! Smiley HappyHeart


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Re: TW life seems too hard

@Bananatime04 no problem!

Orthodontists really need to start telling people this this stuff.