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TW: self harm

I've just self harmed again and I don't want anyone seeing it and like there's just too much going on.


Re: self harm

Hi @iz_x99, Welcome to the forums. I'm glad you felt comfortable reaching out after having a really difficult night. It sounds like things are overwhelming for you at the moment. If you would like to talk to someone about what is happening for you, please contact Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636 (they also have online support if speaking is hard right now). Sometimes after self harm, you may need emergency services, please know that you can call 000 if you are not safe. 


Re: self harm

Hey @iz_x99! Welcome to ReachOut Heart
Self harming is a horrible addiction to get into but some also see it as a coping mechanism. So don’t feel as if you are alone, I have been doing it myself for a while. I understand the pain that comes afterwards and the overwhelming feeling that someone might see it (my mum saw mine yesterday).

Have you ever tried an app called calm harm? Some people say that it helps Smiley Happy there are also some other things that imitate the pain while others imitate the appearance. I’ve found having a rubber band on your wrist and flicking in everytime I get the urge helpful for when I’m around people as they can’t really know what I’m doing. Also the second thing I’ve found helpful is holding ice cubes in my hands until they melt. Other things that other people have found helpful is ripping paper (you can even write your feelings on it and as you rip it the feeling can sometimes get easier), drawing what your method of self harm looks like on your body and drawing butterflies on the parts of your body that you want to self harm and the idea is to not hurt the butterflies (credit to @Tiny_leaf for telling me this one).

Please feel welcome to come back whenever you need to talk about anything or even just to hang out! Just be aware of the guidelines (avoid too much detail, method of self harm and triggering content just to name a few). That’s why TOM-RO has referred you to another service as you would be able to share more information than you could here Smiley Happy you’re still able to use the forums though Heart

Well done for opening up to us! I know that’s not easy especially this topic! Heart

Re: self harm

Hi @iz_x99! Welcome to the forums!

I'm so sorry you're going through a difficult time right now. Smiley Sad
How are you going today? Are you safe at the moment?
I hope you're feeling better. Heart

We have a thread about alternatives to self-harm if you feel that might be helpful for you.


Re: TW: self harm

Hi @iz_x99 , I just saw your thread so I apologise, I hope I didn't trigger you. I'm so sorry if I did.


I just wanted to check in with you, and say as hard as it is (trust me I know, I've never done anything but the thoughts are so hard for me to fight lately), please don't harm yourself. Please be safe and take care, there's plenty of positive threads and even coping mechanisms on here if you'd like. I can tag you in them if you want me to? I'm always here if you'd like to chat. I'm worried about you, are you okay? Please talk to someone, reach out to people like Lifeline if you need to. Take care.