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TW: suicide, sexual assault - 13 Reasons Why Season 3 (15+)

13 Reasons Why Season 3 is being released this week. 

13 Reasons why.jpg

You might have heard through the grapevine that 13 Reasons Why: Season Three airs this upcoming Friday the 23rd of August. Due to the heavy topics raised in the show, we have created a space that has a ton of resources to help you make safe decisions about what you watch, and how to deal with some of the sensitive issues raised in the show. 

Check them out Here


The sensitive themes covered in 13 Reasons Why are important social issues to bring to people's attention and discuss. However, sometimes it can be triggering to see certain issues/situations being acted out on screen. That’s why it’s really important to check in with yourself and assess whether you think it’s a show you can safely watch. A few things to consider might be: 

  • How has your mental health been recently? 
  • Have you been exposed to the themes in the show? 
  • What can you do if you feel triggered whilst watching the show. 


If the show or conversation has brought up anything distressing or concerning for you, it's crucial that you talk about it and find support. We're here to listen. 


Remember that you can always call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Kids Help Line on 1800 55 1800 to get immediate support. If you need urgent help or you are in danger call 000.

See a list of services that can provide Urgent Help


Let us know any of your thoughts or concerns - and have a think about if you will be watching the third season, and how you will look after yourself if you do Heart

Re: TW: suicide, sexual assault - 13 Reasons Why Season 3 (15+)

@Claire-RO I've heard a lot about 13 Reasons Why, and made a deliberate decision not to watch it for my own safety.

Unfortunately on the video of a song that appeared in the series, someone decided to post a very detailed description of an extremely distressing scene.

They did not include any trigger warnings, or even mention the name of the show beforehand, so it came completely unexpectedly to me.

I had to spend a few hours sitting outside in the middle of the night, because I wasn't sure if I could be safe otherwise.


So I feel like another part of this conversation should be making sure that you give the people around you, both online and irl, the opportunity to decide not to watch or discuss something they will find triggering, or that might put them in danger.


There are a few ways you can give other people the opportunity to stay safe:

- Add clear trigger warnings before the triggering content (like @Claire-RO has done in the title of this thread) 

- Avoid describing ways that someone might hurt themselves. This has been proven to increase the risk of harm, and many psychologists warned against even it's inclusion in the show.

- If someone says that they cannot handle a conversation, listen. Even if you don't think it's that bad, respect that they know their own triggers better than anyone. Please do not come up with reasons why something isn't triggering, it really doesn't help.

Re: TW: suicide, sexual assault - 13 Reasons Why Season 3 (15+)

@Claire-RO  I read the book when I was younger and thought that it was less triggering than the show. A head's up for people who have only read the book: There are scenes in the show that are not described in the book, or depicted in a different and more graphic way.

I'm glad that the makers of the show have now decided to edit some of the triggering scenes. I think they can get the themes of the book across without including those scenes.

@Tiny_leaf  I'm sorry you stumbled across triggering content. Smiley Sad I think those tips are a great idea.

Re: TW: suicide, sexual assault - 13 Reasons Why Season 3 (15+)

@WheresMySquishy well thank goodness for them editing it.

The specific scene I read about was totally unnecessary to get any sort of message across, so I'm hoping that was one of the things edited out.

Re: TW: suicide, sexual assault - 13 Reasons Why Season 3 (15+)

Such great points from you both!!


@Tiny_leaf  you have raised such an important point about making sure people around you have the choice to discuss or watch. 


@WheresMySquishy you also spot on that themes can be touched on in the show without being so graphic.


Re: TW: suicide, sexual assault - 13 Reasons Why Season 3 (15+)

I’ve seen it.. I really wish I hadn’t because yea it gave me some bad ideas and last week someone actually told me to go commit Hannah baker. I wouldn’t have understood that if I didn’t watch it.
After watching the first season and ending with that extremely triggering scene I decided not to watch the next two seasons when they came out or the rest of the first season..

@Tiny_leaf that’s a really good list of feedback they should’ve actually done in the first place..

Re: TW: suicide, sexual assault - 13 Reasons Why Season 3 (15+)

@Bananatime04 someone told you to what?? That was just so irresponsible and cruel of them..

I'm so sorry you had to deal with that...


I know, the producers of the show could've made it a really powerful way of bringing mental health issues into public discussion. But they kinda messed up that whole opportunity and turned it into something really harmful to people who're struggling.

I have a theory that people who make stuff like this do it to feel good about raising awareness, rather than to actually help people who're struggling with issues like this.


How are you coping with everything after that?

Re: TW: suicide, sexual assault - 13 Reasons Why Season 3 (15+)

Oh uh sorry :/ I didn’t really do anything about it because it’s just normal to me.. I just thought people do it all the time and it happens to everyone 🤷‍♀️ Idk I’m just used to that stuff. Is it bullying?? It didn’t really affect me because it’s nothing like the other things they say or do

Yea I agree with that..

Coping with what? Watching 13 reasons why??

Re: TW: suicide, sexual assault - 13 Reasons Why Season 3 (15+)

Het @Bananatime04 


First of all, happy birthday in advance Heart


The thing that person said is not ok.  I know you said it doesn't affect you; it shows that you're a resilient and courageous person.  But it's good to acknowledge in future, as you might hear them say it to someone else and it could be very hurtful.


P.S Thanks for your continued positive contributions to the forum Smiley Happy

Re: TW: suicide, sexual assault - 13 Reasons Why Season 3 (15+)

Thanks @TOM-RO! Heart
I know it was a really hurtful thing to say and the only thing I did find hurtful about it is that they might say it to other people but I didn’t care when they said it about me because it’s just a usual thought for me. I hope they don’t use it towards anyone else 😕