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TW: witnessed a panic attack

Today I have had a really bad day.. I witnessed someone else having a panic attack/anxiety attack at the top of some stairs at school. They were on the floor shaking and crying and it triggered one for me and it didn’t go well


Re: TW: witnessed a panic attack

Hey @Bananatime04 , 

I hope you don't mind that I've moved this post to it's own thread as I feel it needs separate attention to your other thread, which was hosting some really interesting thoughts and an important discussion that I hope continues as well. 


Witnessing a panic attack must have been a really confronting experience, and i can understand why it triggered you.

Did you get support during or after the panic attack?

Are you able to practice some self-care or grounding strategies this afternoon? 


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Re: TW: witnessed a panic attack

That’s fine @gina-RO Smiley Happy idk if I’d be very confident in talking about it because it’s already starting to trigger me a bit again..
I didn’t have any support, it was outside the toilets at the top of the stairs near the library so I just went straight in the toilets to get away from people and have time by myself to calm down.
I think I’ll be right for now but I can’t really talk about it much because it is triggering for me

Re: TW: witnessed a panic attack

Hi @Bananatime04!

I'm sorry you had a bad day. Smiley Sad It can be really distressing watching someone panic. It can be contagious, especially if you're a very empathetic person. I have been in similar situations. I think it was a good idea to walk away from the situation.

Sometimes when this has happened to me, it helps me to put headphones in my ears or listen to music so I don't hear the other person hyperventilating or panicking. I also try to distract myself with a relaxing task because it gets hard to concentrate on anything else.