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The accessibility of professional help

The subject heading might be a bit misleading but I just wanted to talk about how I view professional help. It's quite readily available to me really. I have my high school counsellor and my GP, both who I think are relatively approachable. However, I've never really sought professional help. I know there were certain stages of my life where I wasn't feeling too well but I've always mainly kept it to myself. Which is really dangerous I know. It's much better letting the load off another who is willing to help. But I've never gone past this personal boundary. This post isn't meant to make a point, it's just what I do. I wondered if anyone thinks the same to myself. I mean, ReachOut is perfect for people with my current mindset because it's mainly anonymous and of course accessible and more importantly, is run by like-minded people.

Re: The accessibility of professional help

Hey jochan


I think a lot of people are similar to you in that even though there is help available face to face, it's easier to seek advice and information online/in a less "personal" context than face to face, especially when it's regarding personal issues. Which is just one of the reasons that online services are awesome! ReachOut isn't professional help - like you said, it's run by like minded people - but there are heaps of sevices run by professionals which you can access online like eHeadspace, Kids Helpline and Lifeline. Anyway, glad that you're getting something out of the site Smiley Happy 

Re: The accessibility of professional help


I agree that it can feel quite difficult to seek professional help and people can have a lot of fears about doing so which is why they don't. I think Reach Out can be a really good first step in seeking help as like you said, you meet like minded people and coming online can be a lot less intimidating! I think a number of people though after using Reach Out, feel more confident to seek face to face support, which is awesome! I know that's how it was for me- I first used Reach Out before seeking help from my school counsellor, then GP, psychiatrist, psychologist etc. Smiley Happy

Re: The accessibility of professional help

Yes getting help can a hair raising topic, but I have need it at times so, I just pick phone and try and get me. But if I can't get them I then make personal visit at their reception! I say what I need and I don't mince words either!


I often get what I am looking as I blurt how I am feeling out and ask for help. They were helpful to me and polite as I try as polite as possible although I am so enraged inside me. They tell me what to do and I go home and sleep.....I try and sleep it off if I can!