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The waiting room

Background story:

I finally talked myself into seeing a psychologist. I need to, but was so anxious about it, it took me over a year. I finally got a referral, and made an appointment, and showed up. She is nice, and I'd like to keep talking to her.


The Problem:

From the waiting room, you can hear the conversations of the people inside.

It wouldn't be a problem if there were no people waiting. But she's always running late.

There is the receptionist though...

You can't talk confidentially when other people are listening.


The situation:

My last visit I decided I couldn't go in.

What actually happened is that I freaked out in the waiting room and left without booking another appointment.

I now don't know when I'm going back or if I want to go back.


I really think she should know about the problem. (Don't they test for that kind of thing?)



Re: The waiting room

Hey there,

That does sound like a really difficult situation to be in and I can understand you not wanting to go in if you thought others could hear you. Could it be a case that the person who was in the room before you just had an abnormally loud voice?

I do think it's worth discussing with your psychologist. You said she is nice and you'd like to keep talking to her so I think it's very important you let her know what you have noticed. If you don't want to do it personally, maybe you could send an anonymous letter to her telling her what you've noticed and just sign it off as "a patient who is feeling uncomfortable". I'm sure she'd be happy to have the feedback though!

It's great that you are seeing a psychologist, but I'm so sorry to hear about this situation. I really hope you let her know so you can keep seeing her!


Re: The waiting room

I totally agree with mischiefmanaged - call the clinic and talk to the psychologist.

I imagine that she will really want to know about this, so she can do something about it.

Psychologists are trained to take privacy and confidentiality very seriously so explain to her how it made you feel and that it stopped you from making it to your appointment and she should understand and take action.

Like mischiefmanaged said, if you like her it is worth trying to work it out because you're not going to 'click' with every psychologist you meet.

Please let us know how you get on...

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Re: The waiting room

I've been to three different psychologists. They've all had rooms that you can hear out of depending on the loudness of your voice :/ I noticed though after someone complained the receptionist started playing soft non lyrical music at a loud enough level to drown out most things but still hear someone speaking to you in reception. Maybe that might be an idea?

Re: The waiting room

Great suggestion CaitsGirl

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Re: The waiting room

That really is a great idea, Caitsgirl! Thinking back now, a lot of offices I've been to in the past have had soft music playing, but it's never occurred to me that the reason why could be because of that very reason (as well as making it a calmer environment). Interesting!!

Re: The waiting room



I talked to her about it.

Just to be sure, I actually repeated some of what I had heard.


She told me that it was supposed to be a sound proof room, but that it clearly was not.

They're going to get a radio for the waiting room, just like you guys suggested.


I'll let you know what they play.

Re: The waiting room

beautiful Smiley Happy Glad you resolved it!

Re: The waiting room

That's great news! Smiley Happy well done on speaking up. Smiley Happy

Re: The waiting room

Wonderful - I hope if anyone else in this position might find this experience helpful!

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