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Re: The waiting room

As a receptionist at a doctor's I would like to say that I see a lot of confidential information but my colleagues and myself keep this as confidential as we can - it is no one else's business but the doctor, the patient and whoever else is directly involved. I'm just letting you know this so that you can feel a bit safer knowing that myself and other receptionists I know keep our mouths shut where they need to be even if they are the chatty type and that we have laws and protocols for confidentiality.


Maybe express your concerns to your psychologist and discuss what you can do? IF you like her, keep seeing her. Good to find someone you like and someone you feel comfortable talking to. The only psychologists I've been to come accross as cold, just doing their job and I'm not sure how much they cared about me as a person. Maybe I didn't give them enough of a chance. But anyway stick with her if you like her.