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Theme Park renovation comes with unfortunate implication...

When I was 9 years old, I went to Luna Park. I rode all the rides there, including the much-anticipated Wild Mouse. However, my favorite was Tumble Bug, a 1988 Huss Troika. I was close friends with him, writing stories about him, with my friends jumping on the bandwagon. I also loved the other rides, but Tumble Bug was always my fave Smiley Happy


This love for theme park rides and Tumble Bug carried on into my later life, which eventually turned me into the coaster enthusiast I am today, with my love for Tumble Bug being carried over to Kingda Ka. Although the renovation should (and is) exciting for me as a coaster enthusiast, the reason I am struggling is that Tumble Bug had to be removed as a result. Although Spider and Moon Ranger also had to go, I feel the most for Tumble Bug due to the importance he held for me. 

Re: Theme Park renovation comes with unfortunate implication...

Hey @PhoneMomma !!! I totally understand what you mean loosing something that you liked is hard but don't worry you still have the memory of it and you will always have it in your heart. So now it's time to make new memories don't stop now everything has to keep moving forward don't get stuck in the past. I really hope this helps this is what helped me just remembering that I will always have the memory. 

Re: Theme Park renovation comes with unfortunate implication...

@PhoneMomma ahh that is unfortunate, it can be sad and taxing when these things happen! Nostalgia and simple pleasures can be such a key joy in life. It can be disorientating and sad when they are no longer there/taken from us. What are some healthy ways you can acknowledge and process this loss? Trying the other rides is a good start!