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Things are bad and I can't find anything that helps

I'm so tired. I just wrote a few paragraphs trying to explain the things happening but there was still so much more to say that I didn't know how to articulate. Basically I feel really bad a lot of the time and every time I try and get help it makes me feel worse. I feel so alone. Today I had an appointment and left feeling crap, then tried calling KHL to talk it through which also left me feeling crap.


Re: Things are bad and I can't find anything that helps

Hi @hellofriend, it sucks that you are struggling to find the right words. Sometimes when things are so complex or have been going on for a while, it can be hard to think of what to say. This can create a lot of frustration as it can impact our ability to communicate our needs and situation. It is brave of you to continue reaching out although it often feels unhelpful. It must be difficult for you to continuously sit with that experience Smiley Sad Do you know what might make reaching out more helpful and beneficial for you?