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Re: Time grades friends and love ugh

Hey @Moonchild_26,


It really sucks that you feel your friend doesn't want to spend time with you. I definitely find that when a friend gets a new boyfriend/girlfriend, they tend to fall off the radar a bit because they'll want to spend all their time with them. Generally this changes after a while though, whether it's because they break up or they realise that they have been neglecting their friends. It might not mean anything bad about your friendship, just that her focus right now is on this new relationship and her vision is a bit clouded? I'm hoping things will be a bit more balanced for you soon.

“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

Re: Time grades friends and love ugh

@Moonchild_26  I think it's possible that her feelings might change and that she will end up wanting to hang out with you again. Sometimes, people want to spend a lot of time with their significant other in the early stages of a relationship, which usually decreases as the relationship progresses. You could respond by saying, 'I'm always here if you ever want to do something together'.