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Re: Too much anxiety

Hey @Matty D

I totally get where you are coming from! Battling anxiety is super tough - not to mention exhausting! Smiley Sad

Like @litgym said, controlling your breathing is super important because I find when I loose control of it everything starts to spiral. There's this technique I use (I dial it back a little because I have this illness where I can't breath through my nose easily) which goes like this:

1. Breath through your nose (mouth shut) for 4 seconds

2. Hold it for 7 seconds

3. Breath out for 8 seconds


Another thing I do is try (as hard as it may be) to not think about it to much - the more you think about it the more difficult it seems to become.

Take for example: I was super nervous about performing in my Drama class. We found out about it a week beforehand so I blocked it out of my head and distracted myself with everything else I needed to get one (Exams... *Insert a 'I am so other that' look*) Then, when it got to that day the nerves started kicking in, but not that badly. Smiley Very Happy


You aren't alone OK? Here for you Heart

Re: Too much anxiety

Oh sorry about that, just saw current message @Matty D, Don't worry about the distraction part - works for me but everyone is different! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Too much anxiety

Yes, true, but you do understand I sometimes can’t breathe if it gets really bad, because it’s just too hard to do in that moment? And that’s OK about the distraction thing and the message.

Re: Too much anxiety

And does anyone on here know how I can avoid jumping to conclusions when I’m told to do something somewhere else apart from writing things down, ripping them up, and throwing them out?


Re: Too much anxiety

@Matty D just wondering do you think you are having panic attacks ? i don’t want to say you are because im not you but not being able to breathe is one of my symptoms of panic attacks. 

here are some photos about anxiety/panic attacks i don’t know if it is any help but you should definitely check out the articles Bee linked !C0720AA1-44B3-4B03-8D41-510C0B9FA18F.jpeg








Re: Too much anxiety

No, I’m not having any panic or anxiety attacks anymore, but I just wanna know how I can possibly avoid jumping to conclusions when I’m told to do something somewhere else (like talking on the phone with my friend on loudspeaker when my dad’s watching TV). 

Re: Too much anxiety

Hey @Matty D,

Is it OK if you explain a bit more about jumping to conclusions. What conclusions are you jumping to when your friend is on the phone?

Re: Too much anxiety

My dad told me to keep the loudspeaker off when I’m talking to him in the kitchen, and I quite by accident said maybe his call can wait until later (which I realised I didn’t even need to say because he said I can still talk then, just not on loudspeaker when I'm talking to my friend in the kitchen because my dad wants to hear the TV) and I know it was an honest mistake, which we all make at times, and I get that, but I still want to avoid doing the same thing from this day forward so I can be happier and less anxious.

Re: Too much anxiety

And about the breathing, I'm sorry to disagree with you on this, but, for me, not every shortness of breath is the sign of a panic attack, it's just that it doesn't work for me when my anxiety gets too high, that's what I was saying. Sorry if you didn't get the picture initially, but that's just how it is for me.

Re: Too much anxiety

@Matty D it’s alright i do understand, i just wanted to double check. not really sure how to help you, what has worked in the past for you ? im also not really sure what to say about ‘jumping to conclusions’