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Tough Time for Right now



I am just reaching out right now as i am going through a really rough patch at the moment. I feel i am stuck in a bubble and need help to break free from it.

- I have had some dark thoughts over the last few days but managing to overcome but still feel a bit depressed right now. I feel this world has changed and has forgotten me. I hope there is someone out there, that i can relate to my tough times and help me break free of this bubble 


Re: Tough Time for Right now

Hi @Marcus29 thank you for reaching out. It sounds like you are going through a tough time, we are here to support you. What is making you feel stuck and how are you looking after yourself tonight? Heart


Re: Tough Time for Right now

I just haven't been myself over the past few weeks and it affecting my work life and home life. I am safe this evening / today but I feel really alone and have a huge fear on what my future holds

My Doctor thinks i am some of bubble and everyone that support me is outside the bubble. I feel that person who i was a few weeks ago is also outside it and i would do anything to get him back. I am sick of being inside this dark bubble


Re: Tough Time for Right now

That sounds like a really lonely place to be @Marcus29. I am sorry to hear that this is affecting every part of your life, that can make things even more difficult. Please know that we are here to support you at Reach Out.

You spoke about wanting to get that person who you used to be back... how might you be able to do that? Have you found speaking with your doctor helpful?

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Re: Tough Time for Right now

Yes and No. My doc has prescripted me meds but i can't stop thinking my problems. When i work it feel i am dragging weight in my brain.

This tense feeling has been inside for weeks and had really bad episodes that could cost me my jobs

I don't know what else to do -Any ideas would be great


Re: Tough Time for Right now

Hey @Marcus29,


Firstly, it's no biggie but just a quick heads up that I edited out your name. We like to stay anonymous here, hence the weird and wonderful usernames Smiley Tongue


I can relate to that feeling of being stuck in a bubble, disconnected from the world Smiley Sad do you know much about mindfulness? I'm not really into meditation but some other members here are. It doesn't have to be formal meditation though - some of the suggestions here are things that I use to help feel less dissociated. There's also this article which has some self-help tips - they're a bit simplistic, but they're a good place to start Smiley Happy


Also, depending what sort of meds your doctor's prescribed, it could take 4 or 6 weeks before they start working. If you feel like they're not helping it's important to chat to your doc. Have they suggested seeing a psychologist/counsellor as well as medication?

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Re: Tough Time for Right now

Hi @Marcus29


Here's a quote from the wonderful Albert Einstein, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". Maybe to break free from your bubble is doing something different? 


You're quite right that the world has changed, the world changes every day. Try not to think about yourself in relation to the world because like the old saying goes, "the world doesn't stop for you". I suggest you look up some self-empowerment stuff because I feel like you're thinking around destiny theory. There are definitely people out there that can help you, for example right here at ReachOut! Just got to search for it. 


I'm glad you're able to overcome your dark thoughts, if they are persistent then you should definitely look into seeing a counsellor or psychologist. Dark thoughts over a long period of time is very bad for anyone's mental health.  


Re: Tough Time for Right now

Hey Reachout peeps


Thanks @lokifish for that tip and thank you everyone else for the support


Today, i lost my job over my problems. I am really shattered that I did this to myself.


I only hope the world will accept and hope i overcome these problems. I am continuing to see my psychologist at the moment.


Thanks again Smiley Very Happy

Re: Tough Time for Right now

Hey @Marcus29, I’m so sorry you have lost your job, particularly under these circumstances. I know a number of members will have been in a very similar position (myself included), so we know how much this really hurts. I also know how hard it is being back on the ‘hamster wheel’ of looking for another job as well. I assume that your psychologist and doctor know about this? Heart


I really like your statement “I only hope the world will accept” - very powerful. I believe that slowly the world is becoming more accepting of people with mental health issues, but unfortunately, there are still some people who find this difficult.


Please know you’re not alone. I’m thinking of you during this difficult time - please let us know how you get on. Heart


I’ll just tag another couple of users who might be able to help.

@Bee @LeoTheLion @Bree-RO @scared01


Re: Tough Time for Right now

Hi @Marcus29 I'm sorry to hear you have lost your job! Smiley Sad
I was in a similar situation last year where I was fired without warning (or much of a proper reason), it completely derailed me, and I felt completely shattered.

As hard as it is, try not to beat yourself up over losing the job. Allow yourself to grieve the loss, it may sound silly but it's a loss and giving yourself the space to be sad about it is ok. And when you're ready you can jump back into the 'hamster wheel' of job search again...

I hope this helps, and I wish you the best in finding another job Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart