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Hello everyone, I been having issues with my school for the past few years and always wanted to move however I continued to stay until this hatred began to accumulate refusing myself to continue school there. I have been enrolling for schools around the area and both schools have agreed to take me but they have contacted my previous school and said that they are not able to take me due to what the previous school have said. My parents then had a meeting with the principal a week ago and he finalised that I cannot move schools. This has caused so much stress, daily breakdowns, anxiety, low moods for me, I cannot live like this, staying at home impractically. I as an individual has hope for my future, is determined and always happy, goes to outer school classes, language classes, sports and classes of interests until it has all been demoralised  from this  school. I really need support in moving schools as I have been home for over a term. thank you.



Hey @amina550

Thanks for sharing your story. I can see why you would be feeling anxious and low. It sounds like a really hard situation.


I just wanted to try understand a little more about your school and what was said. Do you mind if I ask what your school is saying to other schools? Do you know why does your principal not want you to move? Is there a school counsellor you can talk to to discuss your concerns? 

Have you spoken to your parents about this? What is their perspective? 


It sounds like you have a lot of supportive factors like language classes and sport which is great, but obviously school is a big part of your life so it makes it tough.


I found school really difficult socially and it was so hard to see anything beyond school, but once I finished school my life completely, so dont give up hope!!