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Underage Online Gambling

Hi everyone, I just thought I’d share something that I feel should be talked about more in society, underage online gambling. I was engulfed by the world of online gambling when during my teenage years but have since overcome this addiction. I just wanted to discuss underage online gambling with you all. Some of you may or may not have heard of this but it is currently an issue that we must talk about in order to help those who are suffering from an addiction or obsession. There is a lack of information and awareness regarding this issue so we must do all that we can to reach out to those that need help. Without your help in spreading awareness, it will continue to grow and affect teenagers for times to come as it did with myself. The controversial issue of online underage gambling is something you may not think is prevalent in our society because you don’t hear much about it but I can tell you that it is a big issue that I personally found very difficult to overcome. We must address this issue because the children of today are the leaders of the future. My aim is to spread awareness on this issue and provide parents with the right information so that they can prevent this from happening and help their children if it has happened already. If you’re interested in this topic at all you can discuss it down below or message me. I’ve recently started a blog which aims to educate and inform society about this issue and provide tips and advice on how to overcome the issue through my personal experience and research that I have done on this topic. 

If this affects you please remember to stay strong and avoid the urges.
I've been through it and I know how you feel.

Re: Underage Online Gambling

Hi @droesports welcome to RO and thank you for this awesome and eye opening post about underage online gambling!


I edited your post due to our community guidelines, we try to keep from posting links to personal websites as ReachOut is an anonymous platform for the safety of all users Smiley Happy 


Thanks heaps for sharing this valuable story and well done on having the courage and perserverance to get on top of your previous gambling addiction, you will likely provide some support to other forum users going through this challenging cycle. ReachOut also has an awesome resource on the strain of living with a gambling addiction and how to manage it here.


What strategies did you use to get on top of your addiction? Look forward to hearing from you.

Re: Underage Online Gambling

@droesports Thank you for putting the spotlight on such an important issue!

Would you be willing to share some of the ways you were able to deal with/overcome the struggles of gambling? We'd all love to hear about it!

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Underage Online Gambling

Hello.....This is Snuffle Nose.


The ole “gambling bug” has a grip on me again and I have so many stupid things with my money and got heaps of trouble  from my folks as they have seen my amounts I am spending. So this  it is it........I bit the bullet I am going “Self Exclude” from the casino as my gambling has really gone out of hand and I have stolen from my folks because the maddding urges to gamble for no good reason.It is not longer a entertainment it merged togeather as one whole addiction!!!!!


I have no choice but to exclude as if I let it be it will be become a huge problem resulting been me been booted from my family ties and I do not want that to happen. There a lot great restaurants there and the food is great but I have a trouble with my diet I am limited of what I can eat there. After the meal when there with my folks  guess what happens after the dinner? You guessed it! More Gambling!!!!


Not a very good atmosphere for addicts like me. So whist doing my everyday things the exclusion will keep me away from temptations like gambling and spending more then I should and stop me from take pesos from my folks account!!! I bit the bullet and my teeth was blown out, but to me the situation now is “Do it or else!!!!”

Re: Underage Online Gambling

@SNUFFLES this is awesome! It shows so much initiative to remove yourself from places which enable your addiction. I can imagine that this would have taken a huge amount of effort so I am very proud of you for taking this step to benefit your wellbeing and relationships with your family Smiley Happy

How do you feel about it now you've put this into place?

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Underage Online Gambling

I am going to city to get the paperwork for the excludsion to take place, legal document and if breached fines apply. I am hoping this will curb the maddening urges. Plus. I am happy that I can think about other then gambling!!!!!!


I am trying get rid of this gambling issue and curb this monster in me.......Not nice when it messes it up.



Re: Underage Online Gambling: ThereI did it and I signed the papers and now excluded from casino!!!!

Hello Again it’s Snuffle-nose here,


I have done it finally without getting side tracked to gamble, as I took my mum to accompany me as I made the decision to do it, as I wasn’t forced to exclude. As I felt my gambling is now a addiction or “compulsive” which is no good at all. There are stiff penalties for breaching the conditions as it is a legal document. First offence is a warning and any other offences after that is escorted off the gaming grounds and a fine of $2000 dollars!!!


It is a lot of money for people.............But it make a good deterrent every slip up will cost the offender a lot money!!! It is finally over, my crown casino memberships revoked and my excludsion is in effect. I feel a weight lifted of my shoulders I went there and walked out of the casino with my spirits soaring. No maddening urges so far, as I will pay dearly if I go within the gaming area. A good deterrent now I am casino free now that I am excluded.

Re: Underage Online Gambling

You started a good topic. This problem really is important. We need to protect kids from gambling because they are vulnerable. On the other hand, most of the online poker rooms, for example, don't allow underage people to register and play poker. I know it because I'm an occasional gambler myself. I gamble once in a month or something. And I didn't see any children at the poker tables. Well, at least, I think so Smiley Very Happy

Re: Underage Online Gambling



That's a good point.  It is important to protect children from gambling.  That's good that online sites don't facilitate underage poker.  Smiley Happy

Re: Underage Online Gambling

in my opinion, gambling should be just for adults