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Unemployment - staying strong, struggles, tips

I am currently struggling with unemployment and was wondering how many of you out there are in the same boat Smiley Happy


I think it would be cool to have a place where we can discuss tips for interviews, where to look, resumes/cover letters, staying strong, success stories or just general struggles!


1. What helps you to stay strong and positive and maintain hope?

Trying to not take it personally because recruiters recieve 10000s of applications - the competition is fierce. It's not that you aren't "good enough", it's that there are many other suitable candidates and you were unlucky this time. The truth is we can't know what was happening behind the scenes - your application might not have been read and the person who was successful might know the manager. 


Knowing that others are in the same position as me and that many people have eventually found jobs through a lot of persistence.


2. How do you succeed in group interviews?

I have been in many group interviews but have never been successful - any of you people out there who have been chosen out of 100+ candidates please share some wisdom with me Smiley Wink


3. Where do you search for jobs?

  • Asking friends if their workplace is hiring - this tends to be the most effective method
  • Seek (however in my experience these are always group interviews and recieve 100s of applications)
  • University CareerHub websites


Re: Unemployment - staying strong, struggles, tips

Hey @May_,


I don't think I've actually spoken to you before so hiya there! This is such a good topic to start us up on! I feel like so many of us are or have been in the place you're currently in and could definitely do with a bit of a morale boost + tips always help! 


1. What helps you to stay strong and positive and maintain hope?



I think when I was starting out looking for a first job, it was SO HARD to stay positive! It's a tough market out there, man. And I was looking at around 17 years old and most employers that hire newbies prefer a much younger cohort (you can legally pay less for the same work - ridic in my view but anyway). I actually got rejected by Maccas the week before I got my first job at a (bigger) Swedish retailer of furniture Smiley Wink So my advice would be don't despair, as corny as it sounds there really is something else you're being pushed towards by the universe - to better & bigger things!  


ALSO when you get rejected, WRITE BACK - ask for feedback, it gets you bloody noticed cause nobody else does it. 


2. How do you succeed in group interviews?


Yeah - group interviews are tricky business. I think one of my biggest learns with group interviews was to try to be authentic to myself and not to be afraid to speak up! If there's a silence, take charge - as daunting as it'll be the more you do it the more you'll get comfortable at it. And honestly you're not seeing any of these people again unless you make it to the next round, might as well make the most of it and take some lessons home.


3. Where do you search for jobs?


EVERYWHERE when I'm desperate, I'll put in different combos in Indeed and Seek of keywords. Sometimes no keywords just my location haha 



Hope it helps! Smiley Happy


Re: Unemployment - staying strong, struggles, tips

@Sans-RO yes I am a newbie! Hello to you too Smiley Very Happy


I worked in hospo/fast food for 2 years and have fairly extensive voluntary work experience but it seems like experience doesn't count for much these days because in group interviews you don't even get to talk about yourself (interests, experience, skills). It's always random questions about seemingly random things which is frustrating. Ah I got rejected from maccas too when I was around 18 I don't think they hire anyone above the age of 15 from what I've heard. Annoyingly this means you can't really prepare because you never know what they'll ask.


Thanks for the tip I think that's really important too - I always ask for feedback but I have never recieved a response unfortunately. I just wish someone would tell my how to improve on my interview skills because I am always sure to research the company, practice common interview questions and research how to do well in interviews Smiley Frustrated

Re: Unemployment - staying strong, struggles, tips

@May_ this is a great idea for a thread Smiley Happy I know I've struggled with unemployment before.

1. What helps you to stay strong and positive and maintain hope?
It was relatively easy for me because I didn't care enough about not having a job. I got my first job in high school and was rather chill about it as it was my mum pressuring me to get a job. Then this year when I returned, I wasn't all that positive, but it didn't really bother me as much. I applied where I did but wasn't holding out much hope because, like @Sans-RO mentioned, most places are after younger people. Eventually I got a job again and by the end of this year I'm gunning for a new one.
One thing that helps is for me to tell myself that I'm not terrible, it's that there's someone better for the job than I am. (Younger too Smiley Tongue)

2. How do you succeed in group interviews?
I honestly have no idea Smiley Tongue I've only ever been in one group interview for Kmart (the first job I ever applied for Smiley Tongue) I wasn't successful either, I found it a bit silly and really can hardly remember it at all though.

Where do you search for jobs?
I've used Seek, Uni's CareerHub(where I got three applications in one week! Ah that was a scary time Smiley Tongue) plus I've walked through shops (really just the local shop-center-place near me for posters/signs. I also check out specific companies websites. Places like Dominos, coles, woolies and other places too.

Re: Unemployment - staying strong, struggles, tips


Thanks for responding @N1ghtW1ng Smiley Happy

What was the process when you were successful at getting a job? Did you do anything in particular that you think helped you succeed?


Most of the individual interviews I have had have been successful but I can't seem to get any individual interviews anymore - every company seems to only be doing group ones now which sucks

Re: Unemployment - staying strong, struggles, tips

Hey @May_ thanks for starting this conversation! Looking for work can often be a daunting process for a lot of people.


1. What helps you to stay strong and positive and maintain hope?


I love @Sans-RO's point about asking for feedback if you're not successful. That way, you can know how to adjust your applications for next time. I find it helpful to remember that rejection isn't a personal thing at all, especially when there might be hundreds of applications. @N1ghtW1ng that's awesome positive self talk Smiley Happy


Persistence is the key as well!


2. How do you succeed in group interviews?


(I'm super interested in everyone else's answers here because I've never actually had this experience yet...! I mainly worked for small businesses during uni so I somehow managed to avoid group interviews until this point.)


A tip for interviews in general is to research the company/field that you'd like to work for so that you can drop in that information throughout Smiley Happy shows the interviewer(s) that you have a genuine interest in working there.


3. Where do you search for jobs?


Everywhere! Asking friends/networks to keep an eye out is hugely important - I'm a big believer in it's all about who you know. Don't be afraid to ask around - you never know, someone might hear of an opportunity and let you know about it! Smiley Happy Seek, uni resources, and looking on the websites of organisations that you'd like to work for can be helpful too.

Re: Unemployment - staying strong, struggles, tips

@May_ I can't say for sure. When I got my first job, it was a pretty simple interview and then she told me that she'd let me know when the forms and other stuff I needed to fill out arrived. My second one was basically the same, I went in, talked about my availability and how I'd worked there before (it was the same place) and the next day I came back to fill out the forms and bam.

With the other three jobs, with two of them I had one interview and one sort-of an interview. Both went fine, all I really needed was to get my license because of transport problems. The third was a bit similar, they rang me and I told them that travel is an issue. I haven't had a group interview since Kmart.

Re: Unemployment - staying strong, struggles, tips

This is such a useful thread, thanks @May_ for starting it! So many excellent tips here already Smiley Happy


1. What helps you to stay strong and positive and maintain hope?

One of the most useful things for me was to have hobbies and activities outside of jobseeking. Any activity which was creative or had some type of successful resolution really helped with my mental health while I was unemployed, since you can get pretty down on yourself when you receive rejection after rejection. It also helps to remind yourself that your entire worth isn't wrapped up in your ability to find and keep a job.


2. How do you succeed in group interviews?

Usually by standing out! I was actually successful recently in gaining a position after an interview which had a group activity component. It helps to contribute to discussion and build on what other people are saying. That being said, you should also be mindful of how you're contributing - dominating the discussion indicates to your interviewers that you might be domineering or just insensitive.


3. Where do you search for jobs?

Anywhere and everywhere! I find job seeker forums and groups to be really useful in this regard, and like @khaleesi_18 said sometimes just knowing someone can go a long way

Re: Unemployment - staying strong, struggles, tips

This is a great post.

I am trying to get back into the world of employment. I have been raising my son for the past 4 years and before that I hadnt really had a long term job.

Thank you for making this post as it has allowed me to see al the different strategies that people use and I myself can now use.


1. What helps you stay strong and positive and maintain hope?

I have a very strong support network and have people telling me all the time that when a job that truly suits me comes along then I will get it. Just believing in myself and realising that I really dont have the experience that employers might be looking for helps me to not take things personally. All good things come to those who wait.

2.How do you succeed in a group interview?

I actually went on my first ever group interview last week and I found it extremely confronting. I enjoy talking about my successes and all the things I have achieved personally but when confronted with people who have actual experience in the field you are applying for it can be quite daunting. You always have it in the back of your mid that of course they are going to pick people with the appropriate experience rather than having to take the time out to give you proper training. I did not get the job I was applying for but one of the other applicants were so impressed with the volunteer work that I had been doing that they invited me to be an inspirational guest speaker at an organisation they volunteer for. So even though I was unsucessful in gaining employment, I still came away with a sense of achievement.

3. Where to search for jobs?


Anyone I know in the professional world, I ask them to keep an ear out for anything they think I might be qualified for. I have also signed up to Seek and regularly visit that.



@May_ Im not sure if this will help you but just writing on the post and reading the replies gives me the strngth to continue you the journey towards employment. Knowing that there are poeple out there going through the exact same thing makes me realise I am not a failure. Thank you for that

Re: Unemployment - staying strong, struggles, tips


@Orchid Yeah that can definitely happen at group interviews - feeling intimidated by other's experience. I went to a group interview once for a retail job and I had never worked in a clothing shop before and some of the other candidates had been store managers for years!!


Wow congratulations that's a great outcome! And well done on all your volunteering Smiley Very Happy


I'm glad that this thread has given you strength and thanks for sharing Smiley Happy Are you still looking for work now or did you end up finding something?

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