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We made podcasts!!

We did a cool thing! We've made a series of audio stories that you can listen too!


Topics are on the tough times end of things, check them out:

- Abusive relationships


- Social anxiety

- Talking about suicide

- Feeling lonely

- What does a counselling session sound like? (CBT)


We've made sure to be as sensitive and helpful as possible, but if you've experienced any of these issues, make sure you listen when you are in a calm headspace with time to look after yourself - and have a break if you need it.


Click here for a listen:

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Re: We made podcasts!!

The introductory counselling session is wonderful! Smiley Very Happy I had to do one as part of an assessment, but I had to do it several times as it didn't flow properly and I kept missing all the important stuff due to nerves! I'm now having to analyze it and it's not going too well, but I'll finish it eventually! Thanks for this! Smiley Happy  

Re: We made podcasts!!

:') They're... they're beautiful!


YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~ all the hard work that's been put into them these past few months have produced some wonderful work. Well done everyone! Smiley Very Happy

Stay excellent

Re: We made podcasts!!

Awesome! I have just gotten on to podcosts, really awesome way to learn.....and the best part is I can do it on the move!


If they keep being awesome, maybe one day we'll get a Reachout podcast App XD Smiley Happy 

Re: We made podcasts!!




what a great idea, im gonna listen to them in the car. so so great and needed

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Re: We made podcasts!!

I'm a little late to the party, but thanks so much for putting these up guys! Thank you for all your hard work! (:


Re: We made podcasts!!

these are so cool!
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