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What about us? - Adult Life

So.. what about us? What about the adults in the world, the 18+? Recently I have joined several Facebook groups - these groups are "girls" groups there for advice, support, comfort, honesty, personal opinions and laughter. Girls free to express themselves, to show there skills, to post live video's to "come chat" and "watch me do my makeup".  But what do we get out of it? Fame? Popularity? 




We get a world of opinionated people.  No I am not saying its a bad thing but come on now, is this really what we all live for these days? To go live on social media and let others watch your personal life? 




Now, we are all guilty. But we are also all victims. We teach kids and are taught as kids that bullying is not okay. It is never okay to physically or emotionally hurt someone. So when does that change. When we become "adults"... HELL NO. 


It starts at the top of the food chain. 


Our Government. The people we pay to run the country we live in. Election time roles in and all I see on the TV or the radio is politicians publicly bullying each other to try and win our vote. I had never really noticed it until our last local election but my oh my, they are all the same. They just want money and more money. To be the best. And will do whatever they can to get there. 


Next is our business men and women. I have just witnessed a business man publicly shaming another on social media. And yes this other person has done wrong in the past but this issue had nothing to do with the bully in the beginning. And what can I do. Absolutely nothing. Because then I'm the bad person who is sticking up for the one being bullied. 


We are teaching the younger generation not to bully by bullying ourselves. This cycle will never end.  Children are disciplined for breaking the rules. But bullying on social media gets no punishment what so ever. 


I think its time to use social media as an experiment and not for social interaction. 


If anyone has any opinions or ideas to make a difference please help me. Because honestly I am lost for any hope that we can all change.

Re: What about us? - Adult Life

Hiya @WhyDoIt! There are some very interesting thoughts here to unpack, but just a little bit of housekeeping first. ReachOut is for 14-25 year olds, which definitely includes adults, but if you're older than that we might need to transition you to the ReachOut Parents forum or somewhere else that is more 'All Ages'.


There is some pretty brutal stuff online - bullying, public shaming, arguments, and it can really get you down if you spend too much time looking for it. But there are lots of great things too -  cat videos, stories of kindness, supportive places like ReachOut! A lot of people see social media as the wild west, where you can do or say whatever you want without consequence - but we know that isn't true. Every platform has a reporting tool, so if you do see someone being bullied or spouting off hate speech you don't have to put yourself on the line to deal with it. It should be up to the platforms to enforce their rules and crack down on anyone using it inappropriately. 


What are some of the things you do to feel better when there's just too much negativity in your news feed?

Re: What about us? - Adult Life

I’m 22, happily in a relationship and I ignore the petty bullying I see online. I scroll past. But people are still getting hurt and nothing is being done! Yes it can be reported and people will get banned for 24 hours and so on. But that doesn’t teach them anything... so what can we do 

Re: What about us? - Adult Life

Good question, very interesting @WhyDoIt... In an ideal world, what do you think would be the best thing to do? I will have to have a think. Smiley Happy

Re: What about us? - Adult Life

well today I took the first step to change myself. I witnessed a domestic violence whilst driving. Instead of driving past my friend and I pulled over. We waiting for the couple to walk past. I filmed whilst the walked by for video evidence. I then called the police in hope they would be there quickly. Unfortunately I was the only one that stopped... one report. Out of the hundreds of cars that drove by. It hurt that We didn’t have more support to be able to confront the man hurting the girl but we could of been hurt ourselves... 

Re: What about us? - Adult Life

That is so very incredible that you did such a wonderful thing @WhyDoIt There are people out there like yourself, but you are right, they can get lost in the crowd. Keep setting examples like this for the world. Very amazing.