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Re: What can a GP to do to help with mental health?

@musicfan_xo You can definitely see your gp if your mental health is bad, or you experience worrying side effects. It sounds like you may have found a great gp to support you!


GPs can be very varied in how they look after patients' mental health. Some may have more experience in the area or have more qualifications that allow them to more capably give counselling. Others may play more of a role in prescribing regular medication and writing mental health care plans so you can access services like psychologist appointments without paying as much. Others meet with patients regularly to monitor their physical health since some medications used for mental health can have pretty serious long-term side effects for some people. It's a diverse mix.


I just want to mention that you are perfectly allowed to ask the GP directly about what they can do to help with mental health! Unlike in the past, the doctor's role has become one of partnering with their patients. So many would welcome questions like these because they demonstrate a willingness to collaborate with them to improve your wellbeing. You don't need to have it all worked out before you meet them; it's good to reflect beforehand so you are prepared for an open discussion, but you can't be expected to rock up with it all sorted out.