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What did I get myself into

Im new here I just needed some advice my partner thinks its okay for our 3 year to misbehave like boss her siblings to play with her or demand sweats at shops and snatch toys off her siblings I've told her numerous times the what she is doing is naughty she listens and stops it for awhile until he let's her get away with things again its driving me mad I want her to be a good respectful little girl, he says because she's he's first child its okay for her to be naughty my 2 oldest are from a previous relationship and they weren't this misbehaved at this age what should I do I know his being like this because she's his real daughter and my oldest 2 are not I want to leave because I can't take it anymore help me please I can't even sleep anymore because I'm too stressed out

Re: What did I get myself into

Hey @Smilenwave and welcome to RO. 


Unfortunately, these forums here are geared more towards 14-25 year olds however we do have a parents' site!  Here is a link to ReachOut's parents site.  You might find other parents who have gone through similar experiences and can give you more specific advice than most of us youngun's Smiley Tongue 


I hope you find what you're looking for Smiley Happy

Re: What did I get myself into

He's doing her wrong by letting her misbehave. Nobody will like will be tough to start now, but its not too late. She will rebel and freak out,but stay strong and ignore. Her. She needs guidelines. She will thank him for it later. Make him do it and you reinforce it. Don't lose your mind. You don't deserve letting her rule your life. If he won't do it for you, find someone else

Re: What did I get myself into

Hi @Smilenwave, welcome to the ReachOut forums!


As @N1ghtW1ng mentioned you can click here for our parent's ReachOut website, which offers some great support for situations such as yours. It sounds like it's been difficult to communicate the importance of discipline to your partner!


I also noticed that you made another post asking how to delete a post. Was that in reference to this one? If so, we can remove it for you, but it's perfectly fine to leave it here as well Smiley Happy Other parents might just come across it and then move across to the parent's website, which they may not have known was there beforehand.