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What do you do to distract/calm yourself?

When I get anxious, stressed, angry or overwhelmed by my feelings I choose a recipe from a list that I keep handy and cook to keep myself busy, focused and productive

Sometimes I clean too, I love putting on some music really, really loud and singing and dancing along as I clean my kitchen. My housemates are two boys and aren't very tidy or organised but it works out well because it just means that I have more to distract myself with Smiley Tongue

What do you do to distract yourself or calm yourself down?

Re: What do you do to distract/calm yourself?

Hey @linkinpark13,


Those are some good ways to distract yourself when you get anxious!


I also love turning the music up really loud and dancing. I also really enjoy yoga, it helps calm me Smiley Happy

Re: What do you do to distract/calm yourself?

@linkinpark13 I love this thread idea! Smiley Very Happy

For me, colouring in is my go-to distraction and it helps me calm down too Smiley Happy
I also like music and journalling at times too.
Word and puzzle games are good too as it uses the energy in my brain to focus on something Smiley Happy

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