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What happens in hospitalized


Used to post here years ago about 2006ish


Just wondering as there was talk by my MH nurse to my phams worker said hospitalization was an option (forget in what context) what happens if you get admitted. I know my local hospital doesn't have a mental health ward. I am scared as 2 years ago I was nearly committed by my psychologist and psychiatrist ( which I wasn't and was later told by the psychologist).

Ended up emailing my psychiatrist to have a word with my MH nurse for even mentioning it as my old G.P used to threaten me with it all the time.

So yeah just wonders what happens? If have to go would I be able to take my Samsung tablet and iphone as need net or go even more crazy. I kind of thought about this option myself as not coping by avoiding and can't seem/feel safe to deal with everything

As ATM have issues with motivation, avoiding absolutely everything, depression(as bipolar 2), self esteem, confidence, organizational skills/routine(asperger's syndrome)

Re: What happens in hospitalized

Welcome back sjaeger, how are you finding the new boards? I'm glad you have returned and found the courage to reach out once again.


What worries you most about potentially going to hospital? Is any part of it the 'stigma' about being hospitalised? There is also a great story here on Reach Out called 'Hospital Is Not A Dirty Word' that might be of some reassurance.


My best friend has been committed a couple of times. I suppose each ward has their own rules but I remember that she was allowed to have her phone, and after a little while I was allowed to sign her out for dinner for a couple of hours. It helped her immensely though, since she had been really inconsistant with treatment before and wasn't in a state of mind to implement any self-help strategies.


Do you have any coping strategies that work for you when things start to feel out of control?


Re: What happens in hospitalized

Avoidance behavoures eg PC Games, TV, reading on the internet. and when things go really bad I tend to take medication my G.P orescribe but been told by my mental health team to stop avoiding and my psychiatrist doesn't agree with the medication my G.P prescribes (even thou I barely take it). I just think if I cant cope avoiding how am I going to cope confronting things as it is I don't have any family support.


Also your friends story sounds a bit like mine.


I have to admit I am also extemely inconsistant with treatment mainly medications as hate taking them as they screwed up my childhood as paediatricain misdignosed me with ADHD instead of Bipolar and had me on meds like Dex and Ritalin etc.


I also admit I need help to get mylife back on track and currently not in a state of mind to implement any self-help strategies

Re: What happens in hospitalized

Sorry sjaeger, I just had to edit out the name of your medication as per our community guidelines.


Have you tried more positive behaviours like meditation or writing down how you feel in a journal or on a blog? It's a bit like avoiding the avoiance really, but at least it's working towards learning new ways of coping.

Re: What happens in hospitalized

Guided medititation like mindfullness helps might take up y old tafe psychologist's offer and start doing it with her once a week.


Also have extreme issues describing how I feel as it was quite discouraged by my ex stepfather growing up.

Re: What happens in hospitalized

Hey sjaeger172004,


It is completely understandable to be anxious about what hospitalization might be like and what their rules and restrictions might be. Have you tried contacting the hospital and asking?


In the old days people who were accessing mental health services in hospitals were called patients, then they changed that to clients and now they call them consumers. This is to acknowledge that the people using these services are like customers using any other kind of service, and therefore have all the same rights and privileges. You are well within your rights to call any hospital and ask them what their protocols are regarding personal devices, visitor access, treatment plans and anything else that might be worrying you.


Remember, as a consumer you have rights. Smiley Happy 

Re: What happens in hospitalized

saw my MH nurse today he ended up apologising for bring up hospitalization as its not being considered it was just a general option and didnt know about my past about threatened with it by my Old G.P. 

Re: What happens in hospitalized

Hi Sjaeger,



The laws differ about mental health sectioning depending on your country, state, and age; and you are best to consult the Mental Health Act for your state or territory. This being said, generally young people aged 16 and 17, have the same rights as adults in Australia, and cannot be forced into treatment, unless they are a risk of  harm to themselves or others.


The process for involuntary admission requires the request of someone over the age of 18 and a recommendation by a medical practitioner for the client/patient/consumer, and this lasts 72 hours. During this time an 'Involuntary Treatment Order' will be made, and an examination by the authorised psychiatrist must be made within 24 hours. If detained, you will most likely be placed on a 'Continuing Care Order' and remain in hospital and receive treatment.


Regardless of the outcome-

Involuntary patients have rights, and have the right to refuse to consent to treatment if they have the capacity to do so.

Voluntary patients have the right to ask to discharge themselves from hospital at any time, however may be detained and assessed to determine whether to continue the Continuing Care Order and remain in hospital, or placed on a Community Treatment Order.


You could also call the Mental Health Services Helpline available 24/7 for information in your state or territory-


•NSW: 1800 011 511 Mental Health Line

•VIC: 1300 651 251    Suicide Help Line

•QLD: 13 43 25 84     13 HEALTH

•TAS: 1800 332 388   Mental Health Services Helpline

•SA: 13 14 65            Mental Health Assessment and Crisis Intervention Service

•WA: 1800 676 822    Mental Health Emergency Response Line

•NT:  08 8999 4988    Top End Mental Health Service

•ACT: 1800 629 354   Mental Health Triage Service





There is a stigma attached to mental health sectioning and hospitalisation, and the process is scary and confusing, even to the carers and loved ones of those being involuntarily or voluntarily admitted. I can also understand you are sceptical and distrusting of the process, if you have been misdiagnosed in the past.


The main point is hospitalisation is to protect the welfare of the client and others, and for the client to receive the best treatment; particularly in emergency situations, where the best available care and after care will be provided. They are there to help and it is not forever.


My advice/ suggestion would be research and understand what is best for you, and discuss this with a professional and a close support person.


There are also many therapeutic communities and residential services for mental health clients.


Triple Care Farm in NSW (Phone 1800 888 868), and GROW (Australia Wide Phone: 1800 558 268)- Both provide mental health residential care in therapeutic and supported environments, and youth mental health services.


Always call 000 or Lifeline 131114 in emergency and crisis situations.



Very best of luck,


Binky Smiley Happy







Re: What happens in hospitalized

I've been hospitalized numerous times, in the past.. Hospital is nothing to worry about, I don't mind going to hospital at all. I have never had any problems with the other patients personally, and most of watch you do is sit around and watch TV and eat meals. They will just try you on some medications etc to see if they help. I find hospital very relaxing, and some of the nurses and people you meet can be cool. Definately not a bad thing.