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Where do I go

Hi there, I need to get my son some help with Mental Issues...he is on his way to Melbourne, in a few days..his thoughts are all mixed up and is not coping very well at all..he has only been in Australia about 4 -5 months and 1 dr said he had Depression and Anxiety and put him on some pills and sent him away. Can Dr's diagnose somethng like this in 1 visit??

Where do we start getting him some real help when he gets to Melbourne?? Or does anyone no a number he can call once he gets there...I really am concerned for his well I am in New Zealand and feeling helpless. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated...


Re: Where do I go

Hi @worriedkiwi 


Thanks for coming onto to find support for your son. I am glad your son have sought help by seeing a health professional. It appears you are concerned about his diagnoses. Would it help to read a factsheet on depression and anxiety?


I am convinced you are a wonderful and caring parent and wants the best for your son. I guess when he arrives in Melbourne, you could continue to offer your support in New Zealand by keeping in regular contact with him. This could be by phone, email or by social media (e.g. Facebook). It is important to encourage him to continue to seek help once he settled in Melbourne. There a few helplines in Australia he could call if he needs to speak to a health professional. 


  • Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800) for up to 25 years olds only
  • Lifeline (13 11 14) all ages

Alternatively, you could ask your son to come onto ReachOut and check out some of the factsheets on depression and anxiety.


Just before I end, make sure you are taking of yourself too, worriedkiwi. You need to be well to look out for your son Smiley Happy


Take care,


Re: Where do I go

Hi worried kiwi, 


Welcome to I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling helpless at the moment. Your son is quite lucky to have a parent like yourself who is doing the best they can to ensure that he's ok. Doris has offered some great advice like keeping in regular contact as well as providing some useful helplines that your son can call. 


As for the diagnosis, it's hard to say whether it can all be identified in one go. There are many factors in making a diagnosis. If you are really concerned with it, you could ask your son for the doctor's contacts and perhaps talk it through with them. Alternatively, you could talk to your son about seeing another doctor, or requesting a referral to a counsellor or psychologist, who could also make a diagnosis. Getting another perspective could give both of you an insight to his mental health. It's also really important to ensure that you and your son feel comfortable with who you are seeking help and treatment from. 


Good luck and take care!


Stay excellent

Re: Where do I go

Hi worriedkiwi, I also have children and can write a book on moodswings, and what really are kids thinking! Listen, can i suggest, and I don't know alot about your situation - but. What are the issues about your child not coping? The best things a mum can do when you suspect your childs mind is not quite right, is to listen, listen and encourage conversation. Start coversations that are not too deep, initiate a willingness for your child to feel like they want to talk. This can be tricky as some will feel like your being bossy or 'you just don't understand' syndrome. Get down on their level and slowly they will trust you enough to open up. I would like to add, that it concerns me at how many dr's are very quick to diagnose and medicate. Take it slow. There is no such thing as a magic pill to 'fix' issues long term. They have a numbing down effect and care needs to be taken with such meds. Distance between yourselves is difficult, and you need to prioritise your child's wellbeing. There is no-one better than a good mother to help her child in the initial stages. Make them feel secure, loved and give them s sense of being your top priority in life. As far as getting outside help, I'm sure such services are available. Take the time to find the best help for your child, but please remember that love you give will hopefully be the first step in your child confiding in you and strenghtens the bond for healing and help. Sometimes nurturing words, understanding and a mother's support can help a child through hard times. Best wishes, be confident in yourself and your childs ability to slowly work things out.

Re: Where do I go

Hi @worriedkiwi If your son is under 25, I'd encourage him to drop into a Headspace Centre in Melbourne. There are quite a few around so he should be able to find one close by.

Re: Where do I go

Hey there @worriedkiwi 

Great to hear you're looking out for your son, even when he's far away.


Sometimes a doctor can prescribe something if he/she feels it's only a short-term thing (the stress of moving to a new country, for example). If it's anticipated to be longer term, the doctor should provide a referral. That might not be possible trans-Tasman, so, as suggested above, have him visit a Headspace centre. If he just needs to talk to someone in the meantime and he'd prefer something anonymous instead of talking to mum, Kids Helpline is a great resource. It's a free call for him, even from mobiles, on 1800 55 1800.


If you think he needs further help, his best option is to visit a GP in Melbourne and get the doctor to refer him to a suitable mental health specialist nearby.


Hope this helps! What a great mum for helping out from so far away. Smiley Happy

Re: Where do I go

Thank you so much Doris. Yes my son 26 and we are very close, I am the only one he can express how he feels and how his thoughts are all messed up hence why I am so worried...he feels like his brain is thinking too fast and he cant cope with any big upsets he has in his life..luckily we do talk alot..but for this to come on so quickly I dont think i can rest until he can get a MRI scan or something to rule out no medical damage in his head. I will pass the numbers you gave to me onto him and although he has lost faith with the Australian Doctors I will try and convince him to seek more help.

Its been great having somewhere I can ask for help, its very difficult been so far away, and he wont come back to nz so I can help him lol...Always the adventurer is my son. again I thank you for your help.

Re: Where do I go

Thank you so much for your response..appreciate your comments.

Re: Where do I go

Thank you so much, I am lucky that my son and I are very close and open to chat about anything...Its hard to help him when we are not even sure what we are dealing with...but hopefully get to the bottom of it all soon...again thank you

Re: Where do I go

Thanks ElleBelle, as my son is 26 I will give him the helpline number and hope he uses it when he needs to...thank you for your comments..