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Why can’t I get along with my mum

I love my mum so much. But I can’t seem to be able to get along with her anymore. We barely talk and when we do we argue. It hurts me so much. We used to be best friends now it feels like i don’t even know her anymore.

im so hurt by the way she talks to me.

i hate my life

i want to have a normal happy family

i feel like I’m not good enough to have any kind of love.




Re: Why can’t I get along with my mum

Hey there @Jesssister2001, I am sorry to hear how much pain you're in right now.


What sorts of things does your Mum say to you? The fact that you feel not deserving of love sounds to me like something external is going on. Has anything changed in your Mum's life, anything that's shifted like a job loss or similar? How does she treat other family members?


You are very deserving of love. We are all sending you love from here. We're here to listen.


@Bee @N1ghtW1ng What do you think?

Re: Why can’t I get along with my mum

@Jesssister2001 I hear how hard this feels. I am currently feeling a similar thing with my mum, things have been very tense around home with my injury etc. So I can empathise with the feeling of being hurt by the person you love the most.

Do you think anything changed in the relationship recently?

The desire to have a normal happy family is understandable, however, one thing I have learnt is that there is no such thing as a normal happy family. I've not met anyone who has a normal happy family. The reality is that it's just a fairy-tale and not as accurate depiction of life.

In saying that you are definitely deserving of love! <3

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: Why can’t I get along with my mum

Hi @Jesssister2001


I'm sorry about your situation, I can see that family means a great deal to you. You're definitely good enough to have love. Everyone (most of people) deserve love, and you included. Maybe you can have a sit down with your mother and just have a chat. Like ask her why you two haven't been getting alone? What the issue is? And maybe figure out some solutions to the issues. Just got to go into the conversation as a mature person, try not to be emotional and most likely she'll just ignore it. Have an adult to adult talk.


Re: Why can’t I get along with my mum

Hey there @Jesssister2001, how have things been this past week?

You are 100% deserving of love. No matter what happens Smiley Happy