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Re: Why can't I just look normal

Hey @Bay52VU! Glad to hear you're getting your clothing sorted and have a bit of a plan to deal with comments that might come your way!


If you're worried about kids sections of places like Target and Kmart not having that great of a selection, you might find some better options for similar prices online. I'm sure there's some kids/teen only online stores with big selections. I hope you find the styles you're looking for Smiley Happy

Re: Why can't I just look normal

Hey @Bay52VU, I really love that you've found something that makes you feel good about how you look! Have you had much experience with binding your chest before ? I have to admit, I know absolutely nothing about it personally but I do know there is a lot of discussion on cosplay forums that you could check out. Some of their ideas might only be for more "short-term" wear since they're designed for conventions and photoshoots, but you might find it an interesting read! After you mentioned it, I was a bit curious and found a lot of handy "Binding 101" type things for forums relating to people who present as male in public. They might have some good recommendations for binders!


I would really like to stress that when you are binding to keep an eye on how your body is coping with everything. Just like shapewear, if binding is done too tight or incorrectly there is the chance that it may restrict your breathing (which obviously can have bad effects for your health) and cause bruising among other things. 

Re: Why can't I just look normal

Thanks @moonwalk and @KitKat.


I don't think I've got enough confidence in figuring out sizes to try online clothes at this point.


I've never tried binding before. Researched it a few months ago and had figured out what one I'd get and all that, then chickened out and have forgotten everything I came up with lol. I'll probably end up doing the same thing this time.


Re: Why can't I just look normal

@Bay52VU Shopping online can definitely be scary! If you're able to work out your measurements (there should be lots of useful videos online) it makes it a lot easier and less scary!


I know it's a big step, but if you do have your heart set on it then it's always something that you can try out in private at home! You don't necessarily have to bind in public or anything like that straight away (or ever, if you never want to). The only important thing is that whatever decision you make, makes you feel good and that you make the decision for your benefit, not for anyone else! Whatever you decide, everyone at ReachOut will be behind you all the way (:

Re: Why can't I just look normal

@KitKat I usually just avoid the whole shopping activity in general. Man Tongue


Initially it would definitely just be in private. Then maaaaybe sneaking out in the evenings with it. If it's all good, then it would make me feel better about how I look... But I'm not ready to share that with anyone I know at this point. And I'm kind of worried about tissue damage, since my partner likes my chest as-is I don't wanna screw it up.


Aaand it's like $20 in shipping whether I get 1 or 3. Getting 3 would be a big investment for something I'm not 100% sure about, but I'll be annoyed if I get 1 and wished I had 3 lol