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Why won't anyone help me

I am getting sick of calling writing this.

I have been through the wringer with mental health services for20 years.
I have been through every therapy and drug and that is no exaggeration. Everything!

Successive Psychiatrists don't know what to do, can't make sense of my symptoms.

I'm at the end of my wits, I can't work anymore, I need help and I will try anything!

Re: Why won't anyone help me

please dont turn to drugs or anything that might lead to addiction ;( . I know you really need help and i understand but please dont put yourself in any harm Smiley Sad it would break me into pieces. Please hang in there, i promise help will come soon. Im not sue why they are refusing to help you but please understand that things will soon get better Smiley Happy smile! please dont be sad, i know how it feels, please dont be sad Smiley Sad i hope you get help soon, you deserve it Smiley Happy

Re: Why won't anyone help me

hey lastlegs,


I had to edit your post to keep it within the forum guidelines.

I can see that you're at the end of your rope and desperate for something to work. I think it's great that you've come to Reach Out to try and find some kind of support or advice about things that may help. My understanding isthat drug treatments that have not been passed by the TGA  have so many associated risks that any good they might do are outweighed b the potential negative side effects.

I understand that you have had no success with your psychiatrist, would it be worth trying a different health professional? Just like in all jobs, there are good ones and bad ones. Maybe you've just had a run of bad ones. Sometimes people have success with changing the type of health professional too, seeing a psychologist or counsellor instead of a psychiatrist, for example. These services all offer 24 hour phone and web chat and Lifeline can help connect you with a range of doctors.

Here's  some info on the different types of services available.

Let us know how you go.