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Words of support for OCD and anxiety sufferes

To my fellow sufferers,
I understand and sympathise with the pain and torment you go through on a daily, weekly basis, sometimes it feels neverending.
Every time I go to the internet I wish I could find this message because
I always go searching for answers and nothing I find truly helps.
So I hope this finds you and that it may help even if it's only for a second.

You are not crazy. You are not going crazy. You will never truly go crazy even though it may feel that way sometimes.

You are not alone. This is not just happening to you. So many people feel and think the way you do.

Those things you think might happen, the things you think you might say or do, are not going to happen.
Just because you think them does not make them true.

I cannot guarantee that they will 100% not happen but I can guarantee the terrible or fighting things you sometimes think will not happen by your doing.

They are obsessions for a reason and that's because they strike fear inside you.

Fear= something you do not want to happen not something you desire.

Therefore even if your thoughts tell you otherwise these things go against your values, your wants and your desires they are not what you seek out for in life.

You are probably more moral, more aware, more in touch and more loving than most people in society.

Yet it's hard to think that way I know.

I want you to know you are loved and accepted and nothing you say to me that you think will ever scare me away because I guarantee you I've thought it to.

We will get through this you and I.

We may need extra help and support and time.

But there is always light and love at the end of the tunnel I promise.


Re: Words of support for OCD and anxiety sufferes

i feel scared alot of the time
day in day out, every night i go to sleep with so much on my mind
i also suffer with depression and anxiety so it makes it that much worse and harder to deal and cope, i feel as though my coping mechanism is smoking and spending time with my daughter and trying to do my best on a daily basis but i continuously second guess myself and when i get a moment of clarity and peace it starts all over again. Its like a vicious cylce that i want to beat because it is scary but i know im not the only one and i want to get through this.


Re: Words of support for OCD and anxiety sufferes

i think it also comes down to false beliefs its hard to change them when theyv been in the back of my mind for so many years.
i lost my cousin to suicide, i actually had seen him which was a split decision that i made.. But my god nothing absolutely nothing could have prepared me for that what can. the truth is though i understand so many people and why they suffer.. i understand so much i dont know where to start. i want to help people understand that you are not alone, we are all in this together. even though we have different backgrounds and different circumstances. Its about believing and accepting yourself as you are. Not for who you were or what youve done. I have done alot of messed up things, and im reaping the consequences of it all now.
and it sucks, it feels never ending. But i hold on to faith im not even a christian. I also feel as though because im not aussie, i was born in nz but have lived in aussie my entire life, iv always felt like i didnt fit in. Im now 23 and have a 4 year old daughter on my own due to my ex being in and out of our lives since the moment she was born. i feel angry and absolutely disheartened.

Re: Words of support for OCD and anxiety sufferes

Hey @Tiagrace, thanks for sharing your story with us here at ReachOut and welcome to the community. I can hear how much pain and hurt you must be carrying with you from all the things you have experienced. I can also tell how much distress this cycle is causing you and how you want to get help to get through this. You're right, beliefs can be difficult to change, especially alone. For this reason as well as for the distress you are experiencing, I really second what @Lan-RO has mentioned about Suicide Call Back Service, eHeadspace and seeing a counselor or a psychologist. Have you reached out for help to any of these services before? You mentioned you live with family members, do they provide any support to you?


I have also sent you an email Heart