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Work Stress

Hi Everyone, I am new to Reachout and a little unsure on how to use this so I am sorry if I am doing this wrong.


Recently I have been signed up as a Christmas Casual at a jewellery store and I am really starting to get super stressed, there is a ridiculous budget to meet and the workplace is toxic. I have always had reasonably good mental health but now I am becoming anxious before each shift, waking in the middle of the night feeling panicked and crying after work. My boss really picks on me and is quite passive aggressive and I have only two days off so far, she's yelled at me as if I am not human and that was a result of forgetting to file a ticket. I recently had a job at a supermarket for 2 years and have always felt comfortable in retail until I had to move and get this new job. I am too scared to quit as I am afraid I am on a three month contract or even still, my boss will react poorly. I cannot seem to be doing anything right at all and have become nervous over the span of the past month. I no longer feel like my happy self as all waking thoughts are attributed to my next shift. I have had quite a hard year and feel burnout, I thought the holidays were going to be relaxing but I have not been able to do so. I don't know if I should stick it out and that I am over reacting or if this is actually some kind of an issue.


If this sounds silly to anyone, I understand and apologize for making it about me, I just needed an outlet as a few of my friends have told me to "harden up" which is fair enough. 


If anyone is currently going through anything like this I am here to talk x 


Re: Work Stress

Hi @kat34 

I'm so sorry that you're going through this! Firstly, I want you to know that you don't have to apologise, and nothing you feel is too silly! Your feelings should be validated and I don't want you to think that how you feel about this tough situation is just you not being "tough enough". 

There is a fine line between pushing yourself and developing tough skin, and pushing yourself to that point if it is becoming very unhealthy for you. Nobody should have to deal with that kind of behaviour from their boss. I was reading through the forums and came across @Bee 's post Re: Trapped in a sucky place, in the "tough times" "something's not right" part of the forums. There are some fabulous replies and advice that others have given there. 

I agree with some of the responses in that I feel that you should report it. I completely understand that it is difficult and scary to stand up to someone who is "above" you in a workplace relationship. However, you can't be pushed around like that! Your boss and your workplace sounds very toxic. If you can, I think another option is quitting. It can feel so liberating to get out of a toxic situation in your own terms. Try not to quit without reporting it though, because if someone else was in your position, you wouldn't want them to experience the same thing. 

Thank you for reaching out and asking for advice here! I hope your situation gets much better and update me when you can! Heart


Re: Work Stress

@kat34 while reading this I've been nodding. I've been feeling quite similar as @ayrc_1904 has mentioned.

I relate to feeling so stressed and crying after work.

I've been trying to leave work at work and try to focus on me after/outside of work. I've been doing a bit of colouring in to distract myself. Is there something nice you can do for you? Heart

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: Work Stress

Hi @kat34! Welcome to the forums!

Dealing with a toxic workplace can be so tough. Smiley Sad I think your feelings are totally valid. You have the right to feel safe and supported at work, and not be bullied. I don't know why some bosses are so nasty towards new staff. I know a lot of people on the forums have been in similar situations.
I've been in a few toxic workplaces over the years, which thankfully I'm not a part of now. One was so bad and I was being taken advantage of so much that I just had to quit, and I've never regretted doing so. My mental health improved after quitting. I can relate to the experiences you describe. Every time I had to go there, I was filled with a sense of dread and it was also affecting my physical health.
I've learned that no job is worth risking your mental and physical health over, and that you know yourself better than anyone. If something doesn't feel right to you, then it probably isn't.
If your boss is not the owner or it is a franchise, is there any way of reporting her behaviour?