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anti depressant altenatives

ok recently ive had a few things go wrong in my life recently and i feeling like i am slipping back into depression 

which is something i dont really want to do . i was just looking into altenanatives to anti depressants . because ill 

be straight up anti depressants scare the hell out of me . ive been on them before and i feel like everything that makes me me not hating on anyone on antidepressants but i think it just reacts to my body really badly . so does anyone have any alternatives 


Re: anti depressant altenatives

Hey  @switch , sorry to hear things aren't going so well at the moment! From what you've written it sounds like this is something you've gone through before, so at least you know you can get through it again.

With regards to alternatives to anti-depressants, have you tried cognitive behavioral therapy? I know not everyone likes it, but I didn't want to start medication either and this actually taught me a bunch of ways to handle things in a better way.


Otherwise I'm not sure Smiley Sad sorry

Hopefully some of the other members can give more ideas


Re: anti depressant altenatives

hey @switch 

I am sorry to hear you are going through a tough time right now.

The answers surrounding  antidepressants vary so much. However, in terms of alternatives to medication things such as improving your diet and exercising can really help. 


Also the idea of utilsing counselling is a great idea, counsellors/ psychologists can provide you with techniques that can help. They can also suggest other alternatives to medication as well.


Is there anything that has worked for you in the past that has helped? 



Re: anti depressant altenatives

Hey @switch 


I think what Chonty said was a good suggestion, so I just wanted to post some info about CBT that you might like to read. This factsheet is about treatments for anxiety, not depression, but CBT works in pretty much the exact same way for depression, as it's all about challenging those negative thoughts and behaviours. 


There is also therapy called Acceptance Commitment Therapy that might be a better alternative for you. This type of therpay is more about learning how to accept your negative cognitions and being able to disconnect from such thoughts and realise that just because you are thinking them, doesn't mean that they are true and that they have to effect your life. Here is some info on ACT that you might find interesting. 


I was also just wondering if you have spoken to your GP or psychiatrist about the effects of your previous antidepressants and why you are reluctant to go on them again? They may be able to offer you either some alternative medications or different types of therapies like CBT and ACT.


Keep fighting!