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cheating mum

At the beginning of the year, my mum went to England with her friend

they both used to go to England every two years, but hadn't been together for about 5 years.


My mum's friend is single and goes out with a new guy nearly every week. My mum met this guy who she calls "JD" over at a music festival in England. 


My mum and dad have always fought but I never thought that she would cheat on my dad like that. I guess I never thought of it as a thing. I thought cheating only happened in movies and stuff like that. I didn't think it would become a reality.


Once my mum got back to Australia after her month long trip in England she was completely different. We used to be so open and tell each other stuff but she would not even let me look at her phone to see the time. She would go into different rooms in the house when her phone rang. Her Facebook account used to be logged in on my computer and I decided to log in, just to double check. Because I wanted to reassure myself that everything was okay and I was just overthinking it all. But it turned out I wasn't. The man who calls her all the time and she talks to is an older man from North England, and his initials are "JD". 


I never said anything to my mum but since she got back we have been fighting non stop. 


There was one night when I decided to block his account from my mum's account. She knows I know but hasn't said anything to me. She got emailed a link about "what to do when your child finds out about you cheating" etc


I don't know what to do, I'm only 16 and I have two older siblings who have both moved out. They both don't know about my mum and neither does my dad.


Re: cheating mum

Hi @thattallgirl


I'm so sorry to hear about your circumstances. Smiley Sad It's good to see you here and seeking the help, hopefully there are some users here that have some good advice for you. 


As the situation is a bit difficult and I can only imagine the strain it's put on you, I'd suggest you call Family Relationship Advice Line 1800 050 321. They might be able to provide you the best resources for the time being so you can figure out what you want to do. 


How are you coping? I know it's very difficult time for you. 



Re: cheating mum

Glad to have you at RO @thattallgirl, this sounds like it is a really difficult situation to be in, and it must be really tough on you right now Smiley Sad 

@Mayaa99 has given great advice on calling the Family Relationship Advice Line, I hope that they will be able to give some guidance on how best to approach this circumstance.


I'm really sorry to hear that there has been such a turnaround in your relationship with your mum, that must hurt a lot. If you used to have open discussions with her, do you think there is any possibility you could sit her down and start the conversation of why she made this decision? Considering you have found evidence that she knows you know, and that it must be really difficult to be fighting so often, if there is any chance to talk about it between you two, it may help your relationship.

Also, would you be comfortable getting either of your siblings' advice on this? It is difficult enough as it is, but even more so to carry this knowledge alone.