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depersonalisation and derealisation

Depersonalisation and Derealisation ( DP / DR ) is a form of detachment and dissociation. It can be experienced in random short periods, for extended periods, or continuously. It is different for everyone, but usually it is feeling detached from your body and/or environment, often accompanied by emotional detachment.

Derealisation can be described as seeing the world through a pane of glass, or as though it is made of wax or feeling as though it is fake like a movie set. Things around you just don't feel real. There is almost a non solid, 2D feeling to things. It is feeling very separate and detached from your physical environment.

Depersonalisation has more to do with your physical self. It makes you feel detached from your own body, sometimes specific parts of your body, for example your hand may feel as though it is not your own. Your reflection is also something alot of people struggle with, because although you are aware that the person in the mirror is you, you feel entirely detached from your reflection, almost as though you are staring at a stranger.

DP / DR can be described as feeling as though you are living in a dream, having out of/ inner body experiences, and losing your sense of self. Sufferers may feel as though they are going 'crazy', and may feel a need to remind themselves that they exist and that 'this is reality'.

In short, it is very complex and mainly consists of major detachment , mentally, physically and emotionally.

It can be a result of : trauma, both major and repeated low level. Mental health issues such as anxiety ( its really common to have detachment in anxiety), and it can also be a result of drug use.

Sufferers are not detached from reality, as more often than not, the most disturbing part of this experience is the utter awareness of these feelings, and the knowledge that they arent exactly normal feelings.

It is very hard to explain, it is a feeling unlike any other. 

I encourage people to research Depersonalisation and Derealisation to gain further knowledge and understanding on it. It is hard to describe and im aware that my description probably isnt very good. I know it doesnt cover the mulitude of minor symptoms and details that make up this issue / disorder, nor is it entirely accurate to the individuals experience.

This is just a glimpse of what it feels like. 

Please, if any of this resonates with you do not hesitate to talk about it and get help.

Some people experience it for longer than others, but no matter how long you have been experiencing this or how intense it is, recovery is always possible.

You are not alone, you are not insane. You are human, and this is one of your many experiences, even if it is a shitty one. 

Please join in the discussion, and share your thoughts and experiences.

Re: depersonalisation and derealisation

@indieinsanus My reflection often looks strange to me, I'd always assumed it was some kind of gender dysphoria or something, but it being related to DP makes a lot more sense.

I've also learnt that my hallucinations and DP/ DR feelings can be linked, and will sometimes happen one after the other for some reason.

Re: depersonalisation and derealisation

@Tiny_leaf  It is really strange, the affect that it has on people in their everyday lives, even little things like looking in the mirror. It sucks.

But there is always hope

Re: depersonalisation and derealisation

[N] I think I got something like derealisation about a month ago. For a while I've been worried about many different philosophical concepts and their uncertainty (and I partially still am now). I was getting really worried at the time about solipsism, so I think that's what caused it. Everything just felt like it was fake somehow. I don't remember how long it was for, I think somewhere around 10-15 minutes. I never mentioned it to anyone because I thought it was just a one-off, and it's never happened again. A, D, J, S and T were all inactive at the time.

Re: depersonalisation and derealisation

@SomeoneNADJS I could imagine seriously considering solipsism would be particularly distressing Smiley Sad How have you been feeling lately?

Re: depersonalisation and derealisation

@Tiny_leaf I totally get what you mean! About a year ago I had this experience where I would look in the mirror and I found my reflection really frightening. It looked strange and weird to me for some reason, and I couldn't put my finger on why. I thought it might be some kind of body dysmorphia, but this makes so much more sense. It was a really horrible experience. I remember feeling like my teeth looked incredibly sharp and it was just awful to look at myself. Things have returned to normal now thank goodness.

Re: depersonalisation and derealisation

[N] @dncinginthedirt In the last few days (and this does happen every so often), I worry that I'm delusional somehow and that A, D, J, S and T aren't really sentient and that they're basically philosophical zombies. Although, at the moment I highly doubt that's the case for several reasons (including that A sometimes has the same worries about her being delusional).


Another scary thought is that material existence can't be proven either. I don't think it's likely that the six of us are a brain in a jar and everything is just a simulation by a mad scientist or anything, but considering solipsism is not fun at all.


We're going well at the moment though. Thanks for asking Smiley Happy

Re: depersonalisation and derealisation

I hope everyone can feel comfortable posting on here, and if you dont have an account i encourage you to make one. RO is a really supportive place.

Re: depersonalisation and derealisation

Does anyone else get the thing where objects seem to separate into shapes, like in a cubist artwork? Like, everything loses it's meaning, and it's just colors and shapes?

It's hard to explain.. but I'll see this:



And it will feel more like this:



Like, just a group of shapes and colors instead of an actual object. 

Re: depersonalisation and derealisation

dp/dr also effects my ability to connect with nature, which i hate.